Goal 5

  • To ensure our schools are safe, secure, supportive, and welcoming environments where students and staff are able to succeed academically and professionally at the highest possible levels.
    Objective 5.1 — Provide schools, students, staff, families, and the community with the resources necessary to encourage and enhance a positive climate and a culture of collaboration in our District
    • School climate and culture
    • Improving parent/school resolution process
    Objective 5.2 — Provide a District-wide comprehensive plan for school safety and crisis response through the engagement of the community, schools, families, and students

    • In order to encourage open and transparent communication between Trustees, the superintendent, staff, and the community in matters concerning safety and security of schools, a Safe and Healthy Schools Commission has been developed
    • The District, with community support, will work to provide and maintain safe, supportive, and secure schools