Goal 3

  • To engage family and community members in strong relationships and provide meaningful opportunities to increase their educational expertise, trust, and to share responsibility for student success.
    Objective 3.1 — Expand the scope of external stakeholder communication

    • Expand the scope of external stakeholder communication
    Objective 3.2 — Increase meaningful family engagement partnerships

    • Strengthen and enhance family/school partnerships and communications
    • Provide support to the most under served populations, including Children in Transition and families in poverty, through access to District and community agencies
    Objective 3.3 — Strengthen strategic community partnerships and constituent services
    • Develop a flagship Partner in Education program through Education Alliance that directly supports academic initiatives and programs for WCSD students and schools
    • Align community volunteer services to school and department plans
    • To help ensure that Trustees remain actively engaged with all District stakeholders and key District initiatives, the Board of Trustees will develop and maintain a comprehensive public affairs program. Trustees will reach out to key partners, leaders, local and state government entities, as well as regional and national organizations, media outlets, community and parent organizations, families, students, and staff to enhance a positive public perception of the WCSD.
    • Collaborate with non-profits in order to assist in the development of funding proposals for District priorities
    Objective 3.4 — Strengthen our roles with local government agencies
    • To help ensure the District remains actively engaged with all other governments, the Board will develop and maintain a comprehensive government liaison program.
    • The District will participate with federal, state and local governments to place the District in a position to influence policy decisions made by those organizations when they have an impact on WCSD. We will also value their perspective and encourage these entities to participate in our decision making process.