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    Ongoing Opportunities | Short-term Opportunities

    If you are interested in any of the opportunities at the links above, please contact Volunteer Services by email,  or  please call 775-348-0346.

     Our Mission

    Providing safe, productive community volunteers, volunteer programs, free-people resources, and other resources for the academic support of all of Washoe County School District in a cooperative, efficient and friendly manner.


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    The WCSD Volunteer Services Department is responsible for coordinating the efforts of 16,000 volunteers, including the recruitment, screening, placement & retention/recognition, training, assessment for schools, programs & departments, program development, data collection, and record storage for all volunteers and volunteer groups. While coordinated at the district level, volunteering is mostly school based. If you are interested in volunteering through Volunteer Services in one of our tutoring programs, contact us at 775-348-0346. 

    How to Apply 

    If you would like to begin volunteering with the WCSD, there are a few minor steps to complete. Your screening will include an ID check by either Volunteer Services or the staff from the school you are wanting to volunteer at. You will also have to fill out a Volunteer application that applies to you.

    Thank you for your interest in helping our students and the WCSD! 

    School Faculty/Volunteer Resources





    • Under 18 School Volunteer Application - This form is for volunteers under the age of 18. Parental permission is required before form will be accepted. No background check is required.







    Other Information


    • Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions





     Request for Volunteer Help

    • Volunteer Service Request Form


    • Volunteer Opportunities List


    • Defining “Volunteer” and “Other People” Resources


    “The WCSD reserves the right to disallow any individual from serving as a volunteer.”