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  • Parent & Student Handbook


    Policies & Procedures 2020 - 2021



    1) Supervision of the playground begins at 8:40 AM. Students may not enter the playground until school staff are on the playground. Please make arrangements with our before- and after-school provider (Sierra Kids) if you need to drop your child off prior to 8:40 or cannot pick your child up at dismissal.
    2) 8:55 AM - First bell rings to line up.
    3) 9:00 AM - Second bell rings - instruction begins.
    4) Tardy students (not in the classroom when 9:00AM bell rings) are to report to the office as soon as they arrive at school to receive a late pass.   This is VERY important so that parents do not receive a call later in the morning reporting a student absent.  *There will be a couple of minutes grace period before the security system is secured.  If you are more than 5 minutes tardy, please walk your child in.

    * Please note that there is NO parking on the red curbsides of Village Green Parkway even to drop your child off.
    * Please do not drop off or pick your child up in the parking lot adjacent to the school.  This is not only extremely unsafe, but it inhibits those who need to park or depart the ability to do so.  
    * Pull up as far as possible, have your child quickly, but safely exit the car and then keep moving through the driveway in a single line along the right of the driveway. 
    * Arrive before 8:55 AM to allow for traffic and to give your child enough time to walk around to their line up place on the playground by the 8:55AM.  
    * Please do not ever leave your car in the drop off/pick up zone. 
    * Consider dropping your student off on one of the side residential streets and walking on to campus rather than using the drop zone.  This will help our traffic flow to not back up in the drop zone.  

    * Pull up as far as possible, create two lines of cars (on right and left), STAY IN YOUR CAR and move up as space allows, communicate with your child’s teacher that you will be waiting to meet your child in your car at the pick-up area.


    If you wish to pick your child up near the classroom, please wait outside of the wing where your child’s classroom is located.  Due to our new buzz-in security system, we ask that you do not wait in the halls to meet your child unless there is a physical need or other issue that inhibits your child from meeting you in the expected area.

    1) It is imperative that all students are picked up each day at the 3:00 PM bell and are safely accounted for by 3:10 PM.  After 3:10 pm, any child not picked up will be expected to wait for an adult in the school office. This should only happen on rare, emergency occasions.
    2) Please coordinate your pick-up plans with your child in the event of a change in daily routine to avoid calling the office to do this for you.  Calling the office with a change of plans should be for emergency purposes only.
    3) In the event of an emergency, that will result in you being late (after 3:10 PM) contact the school and we will keep your child in the main office safely. 
    4) We do offer the Sierra Kids Program in the morning as well as after school for your convenience. There are several other excellent after school programs. Please check in the office for further information.
    5) Students are expected to go home or to a designated after school program after school. Students should not loiter in the halls or outside areas for safety purposes. Additionally, if parents are accompanying children after school hours, this should be to take AR Tests, meet with teachers for scheduled conferences or pick up from after school activities.  


    Absences/Tardies/Early Sign Outs
    1) Please call the school:  #689-2600 by 9:00 AM for all absences. Feel free to leave a message on the school answering system with complete details: Your name, student’s name, teacher’s name, reason for absence, dates of absence prior to the office opening at 8:30 AM. 
    2) When your child returns to school, please send a signed note stating the dates of absence and reason for the absence within three days. 
    3) Absences of more than three days, for reasons other than illness, should be prearranged through the classroom teacher and/or the school principal at least a week in advance if you have prior knowledge.
    4) The Washoe County School District Board Regulation (#5113) requires a 90% attendance rate for a student to be promoted to the next grade level.  If a student misses more than 18 days of school for the year, s/he will be considered chronically absent and retained.  To avoid any absence­­ being considered chronically absent, make-up work must be completed.  Students are allowed the number of days absent, plus one to complete make-up work.  Only ten days of make-up work will be permitted to clear an absence of any reason this year. 
    5) Please note that attendance is taken in the morning at 9:00AM and again in the afternoon at 12:15 pm of each school day. 


    Please make every effort to schedule appointments for your child before or after school.  All missed instruction will require that students make-up work in order to avoid un-excused absences as noted in our Attendance Procedures.  When students miss instruction for even a short time period, it is challenging to make the work up. 

    If a child must leave during any part of the school day, a written note should be presented to the teacher that morning advising
    time the student will be leaving, the full name of the person who will be picking up your student, and the approximate return time if applicable.
    Authorized adults must check in at the office and wait for the student to be called down by a staff member. Once the student in physically in the office, the adult may sign the student out. ID must be presented to staff and scanned when the electronic system is operable.
    An adult will need to sign the student back into school through the school office if s/he returns before the end of the day. 


    Lunch from home:
    1) Students may bring a healthy sack lunch and may purchase milk for $0.75.
    2) Please refrain from sending high sugar foods for lunches.
    3) Please send only single serving portions.  
    4) Sharing of food is not permitted due to allergies student may have.   
    5) Hot lunch will be served daily at a cost of $2.80. 
    Weekly account reports will be sent home. Please keep accounts current to avoid delinquency. If you know your account is overdrawn, please send a sack lunch with your child until your account is current. Free and reduced forms can be found on the district website and in our school office. We are happy to assist when needs arise. Please contact Mrs. Thoroughman, Principal, or Mrs. Paschal, Counselor, if you need assistance.   


    A WCSD Volunteer Application must be completed at the beginning of each school year. The District requires a picture ID to be on file with your application.  The office staff will photo copy the front and back of your ID when you bring your application in for Principal sign off. Sign off is required if you need to be fingerprinted. Volunteering or interacting with students on overnight or out of state trips will require fingerprinting. Please remember to check in through the office and take a volunteer sticker/name tag to wear EACH TIME you are in the school. 

    Field Trip Chaperones must have an approved Volunteer Form, and out of state trips will require fingerprinting. Chaperones must stay in contact with the teacher, and follow all procedures, plans and rules that the classroom teacher has planned for the trip. Please DO NOT give the students under your supervision any unplanned food or snacks, or take them anywhere that is not discussed and approved by the classroom teacher ahead of time.  


    1) The WCSD schedules one Parent/Teacher Conference week each year: Friday, October 21-24, 2019 and Monday, October 28th, 2019.
    2) Students will be dismissed early each day (12:50 PM) that week providing teachers time to meet with each parent/guardian.
    3) Please make every effort to attend your child’s conference during the week of October 5-9. Having an open line of communication between home and school is so important to your child’s success.
    4) Parent/guardians(s) are also encouraged to conference with teachers at any time during the year.
    5) Report cards are issued on a quarterly basis. They are designed to give you a written report on the educational progress of your childas it compares to the Nevada Academic Content Standards. 


    1) School telephones are limited to school business and emergencies.  School phones and the fax machine are NOT available to students, unless a student has specific permission from his or her teacher or the principal.
    2) Please send in a written note to the teacher if your child’s go-home plan differs in any manner to avoid problematic situations. 
    3) Student cell phones may not be used during school hours.  Cell phones should be in the off position and be stored in the student’s school bag during school hours. Any cell phone that is seen or heard by a staff member or that causes a disruption during school hours will be taken and handed in to the principal.  The student’s cell phone will be returned to the student’s parent/guardian. Continued offenses may result in student discipline and/or loss of privileges.  The school is not responsible to any lost, stolen or damaged phones.


    1) The WCSD is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to any items when in the student’s possession or stored/left on campus.
    2) The following personal items/toys should not be brought to school (including on the bus and the playground) as they could be lost, broken or ownership becomes confusing, which can result in a distraction from the educational environment: iPodD, mp3 players, any digital device, personal video game players, toys, trading cards such as character trading cards (Pokémon, baseball, etc.), stuffed or bean bag animals, character dolls or action figures such as Pet Pals, Barbie dolls, super heroes etc.
    3) If a teacher needs students to bring an item on the above list for academic purposes, he/she will send home a written request with the specific date and purpose for when your child may bring that item in for classroom use only. The requested item should not be seen or used on the bus or playground before or after school.
    4) These items will be confiscated by the teacher/staff member and handed into the principal. Items will be returned to a parent/guardian. Continued offenses may result in student discipline and/or loss of privileges.
    5) All students are responsible for WCSD instruments, books, equipment or other items entrusted to them by the district.


    1. A lost and found is located in the lunch room.  Parents, please check the lost and found shelves at any time. Un-claimed items will be donated to homeless shelters in December and June. 
    2. Please mark your children’s name on all lunchboxes, sweaters, coats and personal belongings for easy identification and so that staff and can return lost items to your child directly. 
    3. We will donate all lost & found items to a local charity at the end of each quarter, as unfortunately these shelves pile up fast.


    1) Any student riding a scooter or bicycle to school must supply a lock.
    2) The school is not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft.
    3) Scooters, bikes and roller blades are NOT to be ridden on school grounds.  Once on school grounds, students will walk their bicycles and scooters.  Skateboards are not allowed on school grounds at any time.
    4) Wheelie shoes should not be worn to school.  


    1) Should your child become ill or hurt at school, we have a clinical aide who will attend to the child’s immediate needs.  However, a sick child belongs at home so that he/she can rest and feel better before returning to school.
    2) If your child becomes ill or is hurt at school we will contact you to take him/her home in a timely manner.
    3) If your child needs to take any form of medication at school, a signed note from the parent along with a consent/request form signed by the physician must be presented in the office.  Medication will be kept and dispensed through the clinic.  Please contact our school nurse, to discuss further specifics regarding your child’s medical needs if need be.
    4) Any child with a fever of 101 degrees or higher will be sent home and will need to remain out of school until the child is fever free (without the help of medicine) for a 24 hour period.  Any student who presents with flu like symptoms will be “sent home” (parent or guardian will be called to pick child up ASAP) and remain home until the symptoms have gone away completely for at least 24 hrs. without the help of medication.


    1) Friday Folders: In order to provide better communication between home and school, your student will bring home a white/green CRES folder or a folder of the teacher’s organization policy every Friday.  It will have important information regarding school activities, fundraisers, flyers, graded papers and school forms that may need your signature.  Please make sure you ask to see their folders.  On the inside you will find a place for your signature.  Please sign and have your child return the folder to school on Monday.  Some teachers do opt for alternative communication methods and will share those in your Back to School Night presentation.
    2) District Website: The new WCSD website address is :
    3) School Website: Please check the school website for updated information about our school: will be able to find our school website as a link off of the WCSD website under elementary schools.  A new website will be launched during the month of September. Fliers will be sent home and Connect Ed emails will be made to keep you updated. 
    4) Blackboard “ConnectEd” Phone calls and Emails : These phone calls will be made by school or district administration to remind you of school or district events or update you of emergency situations.  Please make sure that your primary phone number in Infinite Campus is up to date as this is the number that Connect Ed calls and texts will come to.  Also, make sure that your email address is current for weekly Connect Ed emails. 
    5) School staff email: Everyone on our staff as an email address. These are available to you on our school website under the STAFF link. Please call the school office vs. emailing the teacher for an emergency such as a change in pick-up as teachers may not have the ability to check email throughout the school day. 
    6) School Phone: Our school phone number is 689-2600. Classroom teachers and aides may be reached by phone before 8:55am and after 3:05pm. You may call the main office to leave a message for any staff member during instructional time, and he/she will get back to you.                                                                                                                                                                                     
    7) Infinite Campus Parent Portal: Parents will be able to log on to the internet and sign into a family account that will include all K-12th student’s information in one place. Families will be able to see the student’s schedule, attendance, and grades as well as district and school announcements, etc.. For more info about Infinite Campus log onto the WCSD website.     


    We would like to acquaint you with the school-wide discipline procedure.  Each child should be aware of what is expected of him/her.  The objectives are: to achieve consistency, to provide students with clear expectations, positive reinforcement and consequences, to create an optimal learning environment that is positive and safe and to keep home and school communication open for the benefit of each child.  The following guidelines were established by our staff as a whole to help students in their daily activities while at school and to establish standards for appropriate school behavior.  Our ultimate goal is to develop independent, responsible citizens who are functioning members of society.  The cooperation and support of the home is crucial in developing a consistent, fair program for our students.   It is our hope that parents and students will discuss these guidelines.

    NOTE: Washoe County School District’s “Student Conduct Code” (#5131) states: “It is expected that all students of the Washoe County School District will conduct themselves in proper and exemplary manner.”

    Bullying is a serious offense and will dealt with accordingly. WCSD is using a 3 Point Criterion when clarifying if an incident is considered Bullying, Harassment or Discrimination:
    1) Harm Occurs/Target in in a Protected Class
    2) Unwelcome
    3) Severe, Persistent or Pervasive
    If all of these occur school level administration must and will move forward with an investigation.  On the WCSD website Bully Free Zone, the following information can be found as well as directions of reporting an incident.
    Please report incidents immediately to any staff member.  Please expect contact from administration to be made with the victim and aggressor’s legal guardian on the same day a bullying incident is reported.  

    What is Bullying? Bullying is characterized aggressive behavior that is intentional and that involves an imbalance of power or strength and is typically repeated over time.

    Reporting an incident online will be directed to the school where the incident took place. The school administrator or his/her designee will respond within 1 school day or 24 school working hours. Note: As required by Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) student information will only be released to a parent/legal guardian and the student to protect the privacy of student education records.
    If this is an emergency outside of school working hours and you need immediate support please call 911 or call one of the following agencies:
    - Crisis Center: 1-800-273-8255 or 775-784-8090
    - Local law enforcement:
    - Reno Police Department: (775) 334-2175
    - Sparks Police Department: (775) 353-2231
    - Washoe County Sheriff Department: (775) 328-3001
    - Secret Witness: (775) 329-6666 or text to 274637 Enter TIP725 + message
    - WCSD Counseling Administration: (775) 721-5284


    It is our hope that each student will strive to be Respectful, Responsible and Safe at school and in our community.  CRES is a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports.  The staff has worked together to create behavior expectations throughout the school.  Large posters are displayed throughout the school with the Respectful, Responsible and Safe attributes and expectations.


    * Use a kind, quiet voice.
    * Be a good listener and follow all adult directions.
    * Use table manners.
    * Touch only your lunch.
    * Sit forward and stay seated.
    * Keep your lunch items in your area.
    * Clean up your class table and floor area.
    * Raise your hand if you need anything.
    * Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
    * Eat only your food.
    * Always walk. 
    * Walk in a quiet line.
    * Yield to oncoming classes.
    * Walk on the right-hand side. 
    * Stay together in line-no holes or gaps.
    * Walk with hands to your side and away from bulletin boards. 
    * Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
    * Walk at all times.
    * Stay single file in line.
    * Face forward as you walk.

    * Use appropriate language.
    * Include everyone.
    * Share equipment.
    * Take turns and be a good sport.
    * Put equipment away in the correct place.
    * Line up when the bell rings in quiet lines.
    * Tell the duty teachers if there is a problem.
    * Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
    * Play on equipment the correct way.
    * Walk to line up when the bell rings.


    The classroom teacher  or principal will communicate with you verbally or in writing via email or letter home to inform you of inappropriate behaviors that warrant parent intervention.  Our staff is trained to prevent, teach and reinforce before contacting parents.  If students do not respond to appropriate interventions, the teacher will make contact. 


    Each teacher will have a set of classroom rules and consequences unique to his/her learning environment to ensure the safety and education of the children.  These rules will be communicated to the parents/guardians and students.

    Positive Behavior Support Tracking: Student behavior is reported on Infinite Campus as a Minor or Major behavior incidient.  Some of the minor behaviors that may result in a form being sent home for adult signature may be damage to school property, invasion of personal space, tardy, property misuse, defiance/disrespect/insubordination, inappropriate language. Major behaviors may include but are not limited to: Fighting/Physical aggression, harassment/Bullying/Intimidation, disturbance of a school activity, damage to school property, or defiance/disrespect/insubordination. In the case of a major incident a phone call will be made from the principal to the parent.   Any unlawful acts such as Fighting/physical aggression, Bullying/harassment/intimidation, Vandalism, Theft, Possession of weapons or illegal substances, Violence/harmful to students, Violence/harmful to staff, Gang related behavior may involve WCSD School Police.


    1) “Nothing that promotes an illegal activity, including underage drinking, illegal drug use, domestic abuse, gang membership, battery, assault, or any other civil or criminal conduct which would violate state or federal law.”  (WCSD Policy)
    2) Short shorts or very short skirts that do not cover a student appropriately, especially when sitting on the carpet may not be worn. Shorts and/or skirts should be longer than your child’s finger tips when the arms hang straight down on the side of legs.
    3) Open toe shoes are also highly discouraged due to the open toe design that could result in injuries on the playground and in the classroom.   Please, no flip flops at school. 
    4) Sneakers or tie shoes are most appropriate for PE.   
    5) Tank tops should have straps that are at least 2 inches wide, cover the back and belly, and are not too tight. Tops/dresses with spaghetti straps should be worn with another shirt underneath with wider straps or sleeves.
    6) Hats should not be worn in the building unless a child is dealing with a medically acceptable reason or it is a special spirit day-Crazy Hat Day or Wear a Hat for $1.

    Safe and Healthy Schools Policy

    LUNCH: Students are never to share lunch items with a peer due to allergies and family policies on what is acceptable for each child.

    CLASSROOM EVENTS AND CELEBRATIONS: The second and fourth Fridays or holidays will be free of the Safe and Healthy Schools Policy on acceptable food items.  However, classrooms are responsible to ensure the safety and well being of students with allergies are respected.  

    BIRTHDAYS: Birthdays are not celebrated at school.  Due to our Safe and Healthy School msandates, food allerigies and attention to learning time we do celebrate in the classroom with food items of any kind.   Please do not send food treats such as cupcakes to school for your child’s birthday.   

    ****Please do not send birthday invitations to distribute at school under any circumstance.  Teachers will not place in Friday Folders or allow students to pass out invitations at school. 

    SNACKS: Each teacher will designate a snack time during the school day for his or her classroom.  We ask that you send healthy snacks and/or adhere to each teacher’s classroom policy on snacks.



    Students are to:
    1) Remain in seats at all times.
    2) Follow the directions of the bus driver.
    3) Use quiet voices.
    4) Keep hands and feet to themselves and out of aisles.
    5) Treat each other with respect at the bus stop.
    Students that do not comply with transportation guidelines will receive a written notice that is given to the Principal.  If multiple written documentation is made, a student may lose transportation services based on his or her behavior if it impedes the job of the bus driver, endangers the safety of others or is a consistent disruption.

    For information on bus routes, visit Versatrans elink and input your information to find out about transportation from your home. The WCSD Transportation department website also has transportation forms, and answers to frequently asked questions. If you have questions or concerns about transportation, please contact the school or the Transportation Department at 353-5900.


    In the event of a complaint regarding school policy or personnel, please speak to your child’s teacher first.  If you feel that the situation or issue should be addressed with the principal, please schedule an appointment with the school secretary or speak directly with the principal.  After following these channels, if you still desire to seek further action, please follow the procedures below. 

     The Washoe County School District Board of Trustees has established a procedure for receiving and acting on complaints about any employee.  The policy requires that the complainant first attempt to settle the issue with the employee in question.  If a satisfactory solution is not reached, you may pick up a “Public Complaint Form” at any school or the district offices, 425 East 9th Street in Reno.  Completion instructions accompany this form.  Questions about this policy may be directed to the Director of Communications at #348-0371.   



    In the event of a bad storm the TV and Radio Stations will begin announcing DELAYED START of school at 6:00 a.m.  You may also check the Washoe County School District website for school delay or cancellation information.

    One Hour Delayed Start: 9:55 AM-First Bell.
    Two Hour Delayed Start: 10:55 AM-First Bell.
    Students should not arrive until 15 minutes before the delayed start as there will be no classroom supervision until that time and the playgrounds will be closed.
    Buses will run and arrive one or two hours later depending on the announced delay.
    If school is cancelled on the day of a scheduled event, the event will commence exactly one week after unless school is closed for another cancellation or holiday.  In that case, the event will commence two weeks after.  



    We will practice one drill per month, per state procedures, even in the cold weather. The administration will work to choose a day that has mild temperatures if at all possible for evacuation drills. Throughout this school year we plan on practicing all three steps of our evacuation plan as well as stay put procedures. The best thing we can have in an emergency is a plan and the knowledge that comes from practicing it before we need to use it in a true emergency.



    1) For the safety of your child due to illness or accident, it is imperative that the school have your current telephone numbers for work and home.  PLEASE CONTACT THE SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY SHOULD A CHANGE OCCUR in your phone #s.

    2) District policy states that those listed on emergency form cannot initiate the pick up of your student unless parents have notified the office or classroom teacher in writing.  Please inform those authorized to pick up your child, ID will be required to remove your child during school hours. 

    3) In an emergency where students are evacuated to an off campus sight district policy states that ONLY THE LEGAL PARENT or GUARDIAN with ID may pick up a student, regardless of what the sign out sheet for everyday use states.


    Evacuation Plan (Fire Drill Bell = exit out of building)

    1. FIRE DRILL: (evacuation) Step 1: is to the front, side and back of school when the alarm rings. Each classroom has an assigned spot on the school yard as their first step to go to and account for all members of the class. Any and all persons in the building must evacuated when the fire bell rings.

    2. FIRE DRILL: (evacuation) Step 2: is when all classes have been accounted for and administration needs all members of the school community together. On the administration’s cue, all classes when then proceed to their step 2 spot on the school track/grass area. If the danger was in the back of the school we would move to the front of the school on the sidewalks along Village Green parkway as our step 2.

    3. FIRE DRILL: (evacuation) Step 3: (evacuation) would be when our school community needs to move off of the school campus. We would move in a calm orderly fashion down the back hill to the park. If the danger was in the back of the school we would walk along Caughlin Parkway towards our meeting spot at Village Green Park.

    4. Please note that in a high level emergency evacuation we may move from step 1 to 3, for example, in order to provide safety for our CRES community. These decisions will be made by administration with the collaboration of our WCSD emergency support team and the Superintendent’s office.

    5.  In the event that we will need to board buses to transport the students to another site away from C.R.E.S. we would leave the park and walk towards the Raley’s parking lot so that we could board the buses in an organized manner. This type of evacuation would be done in communication and with the support of the WCSD School Police and the Superintendent’s office. The plan is that we would contact you through the Connect ED phone call system and that the local media would be making announcements as well as to the specifics of where you should come to pick up your child/children. Please be assured that we will stay with your child until a parent or legal guardian can come to get him/her.  In the event of an emergency, YOU  MUST SHOW PROOF OF ID to be reunited with your child. 

    5. IMPORTANT: During an evacuation at any level, no child may be signed out or taken from a teacher throughout the entire emergency procedure. Once the WCSD and CRES administration has put into play the plan for an evacuation, whether it is to the park or to an off site place (another school, etc.) parents/ guardians will need to go directly to the meeting spot in order to sign out their child. That may be our school office once the evacuation is over, or to an off site spot where we have transported our school community.

    6. We ask for your cooperation and support during these difficult times to please follow all school procedures and administration/staff’s directions. These steps are part of our school safety plan that works within a system of emergency support from the WCSD school police, the Reno PD, and the Superintendent’s office.


    Shelter In Place Plan

    (During a practice drill of this nature we will put signs on the front doors of the school asking you to please remain outside until drill is complete.)

    All people in the CRES school building stay inside, NO ONE will be allowed in or out of the school building for any reason.
    Code Yellow: (danger MAY BE outside/on campus) All students/ staff/ volunteers/ visitors must stay in the school building and should get into a classroom/room near by, or return to building from the school grounds.  Students should stay with the adult they are with when the code yellow announcement is made, or return immediately to their teacher if in hallway or bathroom. Everyone should stay out of the hallways, off of the phones (including personal cell phones), and off of email. Instruction should continue. Everyone should stay put and ignore the bell schedule until you have been cleared by administration through an all clear announcement or face to face visit by administration or school police.

    Code Red: (Immediate Danger is outside/on campus) All students/ staff/ volunteers/ visitors must stay in the school building, or return to building from the school grounds.  Everyone should stay in a classroom/room near by when a code red announcement is made.  Adults should not open the door to anyone. If teachers see a student in the hallway when the code red is called, have that student join your class as you close and secure your classroom door. Adults and students should get into the open room that is closest to them. All adults and students should close window shades, move away from windows and sit down on the floor together to wait for further instructions/announcements. Everyone should stay put and ignore the bell schedule until the locked space you are in is opened by WCSD Police.

    Code Blue: (A student/adult has been injured and we need a clear path to address his/her needs.) All students/ staff/ volunteers/ visitors must stay in the school building, or return to building from the school grounds. All students and staff should stay in the room they are in and continue with instruction. No one is to enter the hallway or change rooms. Please ignore the bell schedule until you have been cleared by administration through an all clear announcement, or face to face visit by administration.