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    About Washoe County School District

    The Washoe County School District (WCSD) is focused on creating an education system where all students achieve academic success, develop personal and civic responsibility, and achieve career and college readiness for the 21st century.
    The Washoe County School District Board of Trustees is an elected board of seven members. Five members are elected from geographical districts. Two members are elected as at-large. All members are elected to serve four-year terms. There is also a non-voting student representative who provides student perspective.
    The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Washoe County School District. As such, the Board serves as the steward and guardian of the District's values, vision, mission, and resources. With clearly defined performance targets in mind, the Board monitors the District's educational, financial, and administrative performance.
    Envision WCSD 2020: Investing In Our Future includes the guidelines by which WCSD ensures that every child is able to develop and expand the skills and assets needed for academic success. It will serve as the roadmap that directs all of the work of WCSD through 2020 and further our efforts toward achieving our goal of Every Child, By Name And Face, To Graduation. Following the strategic plan through 2020, our District will remain dedicated to engaging our parents and guardians along with community partners to foster strong and meaningful relationships to increase student success. Using culturally competent practices and effective strategies, we will work to close opportunity gaps and meet the needs of each of our students. We will continue on the path for improved transparency using meaningful data and processes that are effective, efficient, and provide accountability. We will focus on providing our highly-qualified and diverse staff members with consistent opportunities to refine and develop their skills. We will also ensure that our schools are safe learning environments for our students and staff to excel.
    WCSD’s students reflect the rich diversity of our community serving urban, suburban, and rural settings.Our student population is 46 percent white; 39 percent Hispanic or Latino; 4 percent Asian; 2 percent American Indian/Alaskan Native; 2 percent African American; 1 percent of students self-identified as Pacific Islander and 5 percent of students are of two or more races or ethnicities.
    As students enter their journey into public education, WCSD Pre-K programs help establish their academic foundation.The mission of the program is for all the children in Washoe County to have access to a variety of high-quality, developmentally appropriate programs with qualified teachers.Programs work with families to ensure students are prepared to be successful in school.
    Every school in our district provides students with opportunities to explore, question, develop, and test new ideas to provide them with 21st century skills that will help their future success.At every level, schools have developed programs and initiatives for our diverse learners.We would like to highlight some of them as they expand their reach to more of our students.
    More than 15 percent of our students are becoming bilingual and a growing number of students benefit from the three Two-Way Immersion Programs where students will become fluent in English and Spanish by the end of elementary school.
    WCSD offers 4 elementary school and 2 middle school STEM Academies to increase opportunities for students to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematicswhich are an important part of education in a competitive global marketplace. STEM education teachers are using Project-Based Learning (PBL) where projects motivate students to gain knowledge by giving them a chance to practice the skills they learn in relevant and real-world situations.Other STEM classrooms have partnerships with technology businesses that provide real world applications for STEM subjects.
    WCSD also offers high school students choices for innovating, rigorous and stimulating curriculum through Signature Academies and Career and Technical Education programs for high schools.There are 11 academies that provide students with opportunities to acquire and practice 21st century skills and prepare students for success in college and highly skills career. The academies include: performing arts, pre-engineering, sports medicine, global studies, agricultural science, culinary, graphic design, and the International Baccalaureate program.
    In an effort to better meet the needs of our students, North Star Online School was established as an accredited online school for Kindergarten through twelfth grade students in WCSD. North Star offers its students a quality online education with a flexible schedule under the guidance of local, caring, highly-qualified teachers. North Star students have access to all of the WCSD resources and are able to take classes, not available online, and participate in extracurricular activities at their local zoned school.
    Our commitment to our students and their families is exemplified in every classroom, school, program, and initiative to ensure Every Child, By Name And Face, To Graduation.