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    DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS    (these are read to students each day)



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  • click on above link


    Many internet companies are offering free or reduced internet access for students as a COVID-19 response.  

    click HERE for information on obtaining internet access. 

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  • Upcoming important dates:   Depoali Calendar   


     Family and Student Supports for Distance Learning                 


     DISTANCE LEARNING WEBSITE   Teachers will begin reaching out to students.  Video link:

     Friday, May 1:  School buildings are tentatively scheduled to reopen as per Govenor Sisolak"s directive.  (watch for updates on this) 
    • If you need to talk, your counselors are here for you! Email is the best way to contact us. You can also leave a message at the Depoali main office by calling 775-852-6700.
    • Our counseling office hours will be from 8:30-2 pm M-F and we will be responding to anyone who contacts us as fast as we can during that time.  (be sure to leave your name)


                    8th grade- Mrs. Drake 

                    7th grade- Mrs. Carr   

                    6th grade- Mrs. Foster

                                     Mr. Rutherford



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  • 6th Grade Orientation 

    If you weren't able to attend Orientation night on March 12th,
    you can fill out the *Course Selection Form 
    and watch the video from that night 
    *the course selection form will automatically be forwarded to Depoali upon completion. 

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  • Dangerous Apps and how to monitor kids phones on Apple 


    Depoali families,  

    The counselors at Depoali have put together a list of apps that some of our students are using. We thought this information might be good to share with parents as well as aunts, uncles, friends, etc.  It is pretty scary what is out there and hard to stay on top of them because it seems like a new app comes out every day.  We're also including how to monitor kid’s phones on Apple.  Please see the following attachments. 

    Dangerous Apps            Apple phone monitoring 



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  • Overhead Intercom Paging of Students and Non-Essential Deliveries 

    Due to our double class schedule we are unable to page students or make overhead loud speaker announcements while the other half of the school are in session. We ask that you notify your child in advance when you will be making important deliveries or picking them up for appointments.  You can also send them with a note to turn into the office so that the office staff can help remind them of the time to meet you in the office.   Please avoid deliveries of non-essential items as these are disruptive to both students and staff. Coffee drinks, frozen drinks, balloons, flowers, stuffed animals, etc. are not allowed into the school.  Helium balloons that escape can set off sensitive security sensors in the building and may not be allowed on busses.  Students who receive these items will need to consume them in the office prior to entering Main Street or pick them up from the office after school.  



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  • Attendance...

    When your student is absent from school please call the attendance secretary at (775) 327-3828
    ...or have the student bring a note to the office within 3 days explaining the reason for the absence (note must be signed by parent), be sure to indicate students' first & last name and grade on the note.
    ...or you can email the attendance secretary HERE.

    Homework requests:  Students and parents can email teachers to request work.  Teacher email addresses can be found in the Staff Directory or in Infinite Campus.   

    Three or more days of absence:  

    If you know that your student will be absent for three or more days, the student should bring a parent note detailing the dates of the absence and the reason for the absence to the office.  The student will be given a PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCE FORM to take around to all of his/her teachers who will fill in the form with any homework to be completed during the absence.  The form then needs to be reviewed and signed by the student, the parents, and the office.  Please note: depending on the length of the absence, this process takes time and should be started at least one week in advance of the absence.


    Progressive Discipline Plan  

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Questions & Answers

  • Q. Costs for 2019-2020 


    A.  Please refer to our FALL NEWSLETTER for Back to School information. 

               A combo lunch meal costs $3.15 and consists of an entree, a side dish, juice and milk, and a dessert. 

               Breakfast is served daily for $1.85 and available to all students. 


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  • Q.  Does Depoali accept debit or credit cards?


    A. No.  Sorry, we are not able to accept cards.  We do accept cash, checks or money orders.


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  • Q. How do we pay for lunches? 

    • Use the online payment service "My School Bucks" (see Quick Links above)  MySchoolBucks is an online payment service that provides parents with the ability to securely pay for meals, monitor student cafeteria purchases, and receive email notifications for low account balances. This service allows you to pay for school meals online using a credit or debit card.
    • Students can bring a check, money order or cash in an envelope to their advisory teacher who will allow them to take their payment directly to the Nutrition kitchen manager.  Checks should be written to NUTRITION SERVICES. 
    • Payments can also be dropped off at the front office.  Please be sure students full names are on checks or envelopes with cash to avoid errors in posting.



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  • Q. Can I pay Nutrition Services and class fees using the same check?  


    A. No.  Nutrition Services is a separate department operating within each school.  Please make checks for lunches directly to Nutrition Services and be sure to write your child's full name on the check or envelope containing cash.  


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  • Q.  Does "My School Bucks" online payment service have a mobile ap? 
    A. Yes.   You can check their website for links to APP STORE, GOOGLE PLAY or WINDOWS PHONE STORE

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  • Q. What if my student becomes ill while at school? 


    A. Should a student become ill while at school, the proper procedure is for the student to obtain a pass to the clinic.  Once at the clinic either the student or the clinical staff will phone a parent/guardian if pickup is necessary.  If you receive a text from your student saying they are ill, please instruct him/her to go to the clinic.   



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