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    As the school year progresses, we will be providing links to individual teacher's websites (when applicable) via this page. Teachers with current class websites can be accessed via the blue links below. Check back often for updates!
    Mrs. Beth Geerling

    Ms. Brittney Peterson

    1st Grade:
    Mrs. Susie Hahl
    Ms. Michelle MacKay
    Mrs. Kim Madison
    Mrs. Debbie Reynolds
    Mrs. Lori Woodburn
    2nd Grade:
    3rd Grade:
    Mrs. Angie Cagle
    Mrs. Kim McElroy
    Mrs. Christi Wilson
    4th Grade:
    Mrs. Kelly Lorenzetti
    Ms. Julie Martin
    Ms. Katie Senn
    5th Grade:
    Mrs. Krista Anderson
    Mr. Tony Carlstrom
    Mrs. Barbara Snelgrove
    6th Grade:
    Mrs. Amanda Cox
    Mr. Elliot Grothe
    Mrs. Kristin Ritenhouse
    SWAS 3rd/4th Grade:
    Ms. Valerie Bishop
    SWAS 5th and 6th Grade:
    Ms. Amanda Maydeck
    Mrs. Shana Wilkins
    Resource (Special Education)
    Dawn Colletto
    Linda Tran