Safety Plan

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    New! Safety Plan for vehicles at Sun Valley

    In the interest of safety for all students and families at Sun Valley Elementary, a new policy for student pick up and drop off is being implemented. Please familiarize yourself with these new procedures to improve the efficiency and safety of this area for everyone.


    1. When dropping off or picking up your student, please proceed safely and slowly.

    2. A very few vehicles can park along the white curb between directly in front of the school parking lot.

    3. Safety Patrol or staff will be on hand to assist students in reaching their classroom or enjoying play time safely on the playground.

    4. Safety Patrol or staff will also monitor the crosswalk at Leon and 5th to escort students safely onto school property.

    5. You help keep this process quick by making sure that backpacks and other items are ready to go.  You are encouraged to have inspiring chats with your student prior to entering the school zone.

    6.Please, please do not use your mobile phone at all while you are in the school zone; this takes your attention away from the very important task of watching out for pedestrians and other vehicles.

    7.Do Not STOP at any time where there is a red curb or at the Entrance and Exit of the front parking lot.

    8.DO Not STOP at any time near the fire hydrant in front of the school. 

    9. You may still park anywhere it is legal and safe and accompany your child to school property.

    10. Special Needs parking spots are for persons who have special needs and are exiting  the vehicle for School Business.  Work with administration if your needs conflict with bus loading.


    Many other schools in the district have implemented similar procedures that have vastly improved the safety and efficiency of student pick up and drop off.

    Thank you for your efforts to help make Sun Valley Elementary a safe and friendly place for all families.
safety plan