Staff Directory

  •  Name  Position  Phone
     Director, Department of Professional Learning  775-789-3415
    Carol Gebhardt  Coordinator, Mentoring and Induction and Inservice  775-789-3475
    Alyson Kendrick  Coordinator, Leadership Development  775-789-3416
    Toni Rader  Coordinator, Education Support Professionals  775-789-3419
    Lisa Daane SPED Professional Learning Specialist  775-353-6949
     Christine Alcala-Hanks  Administrative Assistant  775-789-3420
    Ellen Thomas  Program Service Technician  775-353-6947
    Laurie Bennett  Leadership Development Administrative Secretary  
    Jodi Wycoff  Administrative Secretary  775-353-6949
    Leslie Boucher           Professional Learning ESP Secretary  775-789-3459
     Thomas Lay  Media Production Facilitator  775-789-3837
     Caresse Beutel  Administrative Secretary  775-789-3473
    Sam Schuler  Clerical Aide  775-353-6969