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    Remember, the selection committee must evaluate 50 to 70 applications to select 12 to 20 recipients. 
    Applications are downloadable as a fillable pdf, so type or computer generate your form. Complete 
    your application in a reader friendly manner. Don’t add more than will tell your story succinctly. 
    Pictures are OK if they are pertinent to the question asked. Good Luck!
    1. Complete all sections of the application even if “Not Applicable” (N/A) is appropriate. 
    Judges will wonder why it was left blank.
    2. Add pages, as suggested on the form, to provide clarity to your responses. Be sure to 
    identify each question you are answering on the added pages, and answer them in the 
    same sequence they were asked.
    3. Be sure you attach your high school transcript, and if you have taken college credits, 
    provide transcripts for both.
    4. It is advisable to declare a major, or state a reason why you can’t at this time, or at least 
    report your area of interest.
    5. Larger, longer, and heavier is NOT better!
    6. If you were not a member of 4-H or FFA because one or both were not offered, state 
    that, rather than leaving the space blank. It is important to list your activities/experience 
    related to agriculture whether or not they are associated with 4-H or FFA.
    7. Please complete information requested about your family and your hometown 
    newspaper, for public relations reasons.
    8. It is important to list any circumstance bearing on your financial situation, without 
    revealing specifics. Number of children in your family and number of them attending 
    college, note single parent families, and health of parents and/or guardians and/or 
    supporting adults is information that may help.
    9. Outlined answers can be very effective in telling your story in a concise manner. 
    10. Letters of recommendation are not required. If submitted, must be limited to two.
    11. Be sure you send the completed application and transcripts to: Nevada Agricultural 
    Foundation, P.O. Box 8089, Reno, NV 89507.
    12. Sign and date your completed application!
    13. Application must be postmarked by March 15.