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Art Department

  • Art is a semester elective course offered in 7th and 8th grades. There are two 7th grade art classes, two 8th grade art classes, and two 7th/8th combo classes. The art teacher is Ms. Dandois.

    At Billinghurst the art curriculum covers the elements and principles of art through studio projects and discussions using visual aides such as slides, transparencies, and scholastic art magazines. Students use a variety of media including drawing,painting, printmaking, clay, sculpture and crafts. The classes also show the interdisciplinary relationship between art and math, science, history, English,literature, and music. Art education provides students the skills to express their ideas visually, learn creative problem solving skills, and gain an understanding of visual language that is essential to communicate effectively in today’s society.

    Student art is displayed throughout the school including the office, library, and hallways. Billinghurst student work is also on display at the Washoe County School District office several months during the school year. Each January student artwork from Billinghurst is entered in the Scholastic Arts juried art exhibition. The Scholastic Arts is a regional and national arts competition open to art students 7th through 12th grade. The regional sponsor is the Nevada Museum of Art.