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World Languages Department

  • Welcome and congratulations on choosing to take a foreign language!

    New this year, world language students will no longer take the World Language Credit by Exam (CBE) at the end of their eighth grade year.  However, students will still have the opportunity to be placed in Spanish 3-4 as a freshman in high school. Once in high school, your child can take the CBE and receive credit through the Supplemental Office.

    We look forward to helping you achieve your goal!

    We are here to make French and Spanish easier for your child.  Please ask us for help!  Teacher assistance is generally provided during lunch or after school. This must be arranged beforehand with Mr. Alldredge, Mr. Herald, Ms.Kahl, and Ms. Peraldo.  Parents,please feel free to call (746-5870) us at Billinghurst or email.  We are available from 7:15 until 2:25 Monday through Friday. 

    We are very excited to be your new World Language teachers! 

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions concerning your child's progress, please let us know.  We are happy to arrange a time to talk.


    What is expected of the student?

    Students are expected to follow the World Language classroom rules and to come to class prepared by bringing the following materials to class daily:

    Our Classroom Rules


    1. We act and talk respectfully with each other.

    2. Come to class on time and be prepared.

    3.Participate and ask questions by raising your hand.

    4.Please respect the no gum and no food policy in class.

    5. Learn one new objective each day.

    6. Keep a positive attitude and try your best. Feel good about what you are learning and where you are going! 



     Expectations for you are very high in the World Language Department. Here are some of the basics for your grade evaluation:


    1.)Expect homework every night.  This is not because we enjoy watching you sweat and squirm or because we want to ruin your life.  Homework will cover the content objectives.  It should take10-15 minutes max.Over the years we have noticed that students who do not do their homework, do not do well in the class. Assignments will be checked daily.  Late work is not accepted! 
    By studying vocabulary 10 minutes every night, we promise you will feel confident in your French/Spanish comprehension.


    2.) Your binder will be graded for completeness and neatness.


    3.) Quizzes and tests will be given regularly. 
    4.)Individual and group projects are extremely important to apply previously learned concepts and to current thematic units.  These projects are worked on during class hours.  Whatever does not get finished in class goes home for homework.  Late projects will not be accepted. 
    5.)Participation is graded and reflected in your performance/citizenship grade.  Students get performance or citizenship grades based on coming to class prepared (pen/pencil, binder, and class supplies), coming to class on time, obeying the no gum/no food policy,and behaving respectfully in class. Every time these expectations are not met, citizenship grades will be lowered ½ a grade. Students have behavior sheets to keep track of their citizenship grades.  They are responsible for not losing their behavior sheets.  A loss of this sheet will result in a full letter grade drop in citizenship.


    Mr. Alldredge,  Ms. Kahl, and Ms. Peraldo