LEGO Robotics App

  • We're so excited to have Lego Robotics at our school for the first time ever. We had over 50 students apply from 4th and 5th grade, and unfortunately, we couldn't accept them all. Below is some helpful information about Lego Robotics.

    The official website can be found at It can be quite overwhelming because there is a lot there, so I've tried to put the most important stuff on our webpage.


    You can see the mission models that we need to build here along with directions for them. You'll need to click on the view button by Mission Model Building Instructions . . You can also just view the models without looking at the directions here.

    Lego Robotics does have some classes on Saturdays that we can attended. We do NOT have to attend all of them, but we can if you'd like.The most important ones are the scrimmage, which is a practice competition, so we can see what it is like. The other important date is the actual competition in December.

    1. Sat, September 17, 8:30am – 3:30pm
      1. Robot-in-a-Day Workshop: In this hands-on workshop, FLLC coaches and team members are guided through the building and programming of a competition ready robot. By the end of the day teams will have turned a pile of LEGO bricks into a scoring robot for the SUPERPOWERED season.

        By the end of the workshop:

        • Teams will have built a SPIKE Prime robot.

        • Teams will be able to program the robot to complete at least one of the SUPERPOWERED challenge missions.

        • Teams will be familiar with common, online resources that support the Robot-in-a-Day build and provide guidance for adding components to interact with other missions.

        This workshop is especially useful to new teams, but it's also valuable to returning teams that are rebuilding with new coaches or new team members.
    2.  Sat, October 8, 9am – 12pm 
      1. Advanced Programming Workshop

        Learning Objectives: Teams are introduced to the purpose and value of using code comments. Teams are introduced to the use of sensors to complete missions. Teams are introduced to MyBlocks.

    1. Sat, November 5, 9am – 12pm
      1. Scrimmage: Teams will be able to complete a 2.5 minute Robot Performance run with feedback from referees. Teams can concisely summarize their Innovation Project solution.

          4.   Saturday, December 3rd or 10th [date to be decided by us in the near future]

                   The Competition!!!!!!!! Location and exact time still to be decided.