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Academic Teaming

  • Academic Teams

    A team is a group of students who share the same English, social studies and science teachers.

    By sharing responsibility for the same students, teachers can:

    • Develop an understanding of students as individuals.
    • Solve problems before they reach crisis stage.
    • Work together to meet academic goals.

    Teams are smaller learning environments where students' academic and personal needs can be better met by:

    • Developing a sense of belonging.
    • Practicing critical thinking skills.
    • Improving communication skills.
    • Developing a sense of responsibility.
    • Becoming better citizens.

    Teaming allows students to work together or individually on activities where they combine the skills and knowledge learned in different classrooms.Teaming attempts to show relationships between subjects so students have a better understanding of relationships between mathematics, science, English, reading, social studies and other subjects taught within the school.Students and teachers have a common set of rules and expectations within the team.Students develop skills that allow them to work well with others to achieve common goals.