• Access GoMath Online

    Navigate to www.washoeschools.net.

    Click on the Students and Parents Tab at the top of the page.

    Students and Parents Tab

    Scroll to H for HRW-GoMath!


    Another Tab will open to HRW-GO Math

    Sign In

    Click on Sign In.


    At home, the Federation.Washoeschools.org Window will open. Sign in with washoe student ID@washoeschools.org for your login. For example, 123456@washoeschools.org. The password is the same one used to log into your computer.

    After logging into GoMath, please be patient! It takes a minute or two to load. The following menu opens:

    Go Math Dashboard

    If you are completing your Interactive Notetaker, click on the yellow Interactive Student Edition button.

    If you are completing and assignment, click on the name of the assignment under Assignments.

    Interactive Student Edition

    Another tab will open once you click on the Interactive Student Edition. Select the correct unit, module, and lesson. Click on the correct lesson then a new window will opend for the lesson to begin. You can play, pause, and replay videos as well as each section for the lesson. 

    Math on the Spot Video

    Look for the Math on the Spot icon in the upper right hand corner. Select to watch the video.