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Science Department

Science at Billinghurst Middle School

  • Science at Billinghurst is always an adventure. We have four different science teachers, each with a unique background and personality. Our teachers are: Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Greene, Mrs. Gorham, and Mr. Garcia. A cooler bunch of teachers you will ever meet!!

    All students take a full 2 years of science at Billinghurst. Science is part of the core of classes that make up a student's academic team. We have an interdisciplinary approach to science. Our curriculum not only crosses science disciplines, but also the disciplines of math, English and social studies.
    The different disciplines of science are not taught separately, but instead together. For example, physics, geology and structures might all be taught in a unit covering earthquakes.

    The popular image of science as the private domain of the super-intelligent is wrong and damaging. Science is for everyone. Children exposed to science for the first time take to it naturally. It is later on, after the science kits and fun activities have been abandoned in favor of fill-in- the-blank worksheets and recall drills, that love for science is replaced by fear and dread. Our teachers work to rekindle the sense of wonder and fascination that lies within all our students.

    Our course is designed to develop each of the following in our students.
    + Understanding of the interrelationships among science, technology, and society
    + Understanding of important science concepts, processes, and ideas
    + Use of higher order thinking skills
    + Ability to solve problems and apply scientific principles
    + Commitment to environmental conservation
    + Interest in independent study of scientific topics
    + Social skills
    + Communication skills

    The common denominator among these is the emphasis on doing. At all times we work to make our students active and involved.

    Next Generation Science Standards