• August 15, 2022


    Dear Parents and Students:


    Welcome to sixth grade at Sky Ranch Middle School!  You are now part of Angel Base for sixth grade. We look forward to working with your family this year.  We hope to make this school year an exciting and successful one for each student in our class. 


    Parents are the most important people in a child’s life, and we need to work together for the benefit of your child.  Your support of our academic program, homework policies, and discipline efforts here at school is very important for a successful school year.  With home and school working together, we know that each and every student can have a very successful sixth grade experience.


    We believe it is important for every student to take responsibility for his or her own behavior.  We expect the best from all students and expect them to demonstrate respect for others and themselves.  Classroom rules are just a part of the behavior expectations at school.  Please review the Sky Ranch handbook for rules that pertain to all students in Washoe County.  You can find these on the Sky Ranch website. https://www.washoeschools.net/skyranch


    We have attached a copy of our student handbook for you to review with your child.  This handbook is to remain at home for future reference. We have also attached our grading scale and supply list.  If you are unable to purchase our supplies currently we completely understand. Please reach out and we will work with your family.  


    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send a note to school with your child or e-mail  us.


    You may also call the school at 775-626-0060. If we are unavailable, please leave a message with our secretaries and we will return your call as soon as possible.  




    Mrs. Morgan Langtimm

    Ms. Caity Hodges

    Sixth Grade Angel Base

    Sky Ranch Middle School


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    Sky Ranch Middle School Bell Schedule

    *Sixth Grade is 1st Lunch* (schedule subject to change)

    *Electives rotate every other day between A electives and B electives*

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                Grades, Work, Absences













    Good Work












    Needs Improvement





    59 or Below


    The above grading scale is what we use to grade assignments.  Some assignments are worth a greater value than others so please pay attention to the value of the points.


    Grading Scale: The grading scale in middle school is MUCH different than in elementary school.  Assessment and project grades are worth 85% of student’s overall grades.  Classwork and homework are worth 15% of student’s overall grades. Student’s will have a minimum of 4 assessment and project grades for the quarter. 


    Accelerated Reader (AR): Students are required to read at least one grade appropriate novel (no graphic novels, minimum of 200 pages) and pass the corresponding AR test each quarter as part of their ELA assessment grade. All AR tests will be done during Enrichment. 


    Retakes: Students can retake an assessment within two weeks of the assessment date. Students are only allowed to retake an assessment one time.  Student’s must email their teacher (or write a letter) requesting to retake an assessment and follow the appropriate retake email example provided for students. Then, students must turn in their test corrections before they retake their assessment.  For math, students must show all work. Students will retake their assessment during enrichment.


    Missing & Late Work: Student’s can turn in missing or late work within two weeks of the assigned date.  Missing and late work will be deducted points.  After two weeks, students are unable to turn in missing work.


    Academic Warnings: Academic warnings are given to students who have a D or F in core classes.  Academic warnings are mailed halfway through each quarter. There will also be an academic flag warning in Infinite Campus.  


    Absences: Parents/guardians must call, send an e-mail to their core teachers, or send a note to Sky Ranch front office whenever a child is absent. The call or note must be received within three days of the absence. A student should request make-up work from each teacher on the day he/she returns from an absence. Teachers have two days to provide make-up work to the students once they return to school. Make-up work must be completed within the number of days the student was absent, plus one day. Once make-up work is completed and turned in, the absence will no longer count toward chronic absenteeism.


           Communication & Technology


    INFINITE CAMPUS:  Infinite Campus (IC) is an internet program that allows parents to view their child's grades whenever they want. Parents can access IC on the school district website  www.washoeschools.net . Each parent should have a special username and password to enter Infinite Campus.  On IC, parents can see how their child performed on class work, homework, and assessments.  We suggest parents check their students grades once a week. Students will check Infinite Campus weekly during Enrichment. 


    PLANNERS: Students are required to share their planners daily with parents and get a weekly parent signature. Maintaining a complete planner is part of a student’s weekly enrichment behavior grade. Students who continually forget parent signatures will receive a lower grade in Enrichment.  Each week, students will write down their daily assignments, Infinite Campus grades, missing work, and any retakes they need to complete.    


    SKY RANCH WEBSITE: Please refer to our school website to access important school related information such as our FLIGHT plan, mission statement, library resources, staff directory, parent/student handbook, counselor corner, attendance, and our 6th grade website. https://www.washoeschools.net/skyranch  


    E-MAIL AND PHONE CALLS:  We use e-mail A LOT to communicate with parents.  We send weekly newsletters informing parents about special events, projects, tests, and assignments. The newsletter email will come from WCSD, not us, so please do not delete.  If you are not receiving our emails, please update your email contact in Infinite Campus. We check our email daily.  Please allow up to 24 hours to respond or the next school day for a reply. If you need to get ahold of us immediately please contact the school, 775-626-0060.


    Morgan Langtimm (ELA/SS) mlangtimm@washoeschools.net


    Caity Hodges (Math/Science)  chodges@washoeschools.net


    If you would like to schedule a conference, please email us including our counselor.


    Cameron Tuttle (counselor) cameron.tuttle@washoeschools.net

    If you would like to schedule a meeting with our counselor you may use e-mail or go to our Sky Ranch website, click Counselor Corner, and then click Make Student Appointment with Counselor.


    TECHNOLOGY: We use technology in our classrooms but are no longer considered a 1:1 school. Students will NOT have a computer checked out for them to take home. However, there will be laptops available for student use in every class. Students will use a variety of technolgy and paper-pencil tasks in class.                                    


                 Behavior, Incentives, TSAs  

    Each week, your child will receive a behavior grade in their classes. These grades are entered into Infinite Campus and will reflect student’s behavior for the week.  Behavior grades are based on work completion and behavior.



    • Step 1-Warning-restate expectation
    • Step 2-Re-teach the expectation
    • Step 3-Move seat. Phone call home. Minor behavior write up in IC.
    • Step 4-Removal from class to solo-seat. Student reflection form. Phone call home. Major behavior write up in IC.
    • If behavior continues and/or the behavior is severe, students take an immediate trip to the office. Phone call home. Major behavior write up in IC. Consequences in place such as: detention, work crew, and suspension.


    INCENTIVES: Students receive digital props through our PBIS reward system when they are following our behavior FLIGHT plan. Students spend their props on our school and classroom stores.  Some incentives are: 3 minutes early out Friday pass, enter school early when it is cold, homework pass, hat pass, free time during enrichment, school swag, entrance into school sporting events, and many other wonderful incentives.


    TEACHER STUDENT AGREEMENTS (TSAs): Please see detailed information on TSAs on our school website under Sky Ranch Parent Student Handbook. https://www.washoeschools.net/skyranch

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    School Expectations

    Entering Building

    • Enter the building from the back of the school 
    • Follow the designated traffic flow patterns labeled on the floor
    • Walk directly to your class

    Hallway Behavior

    • Keep your hands, feet, and personal items to yourself
    • Be mindful of other students and keep voices low
    • Use school appropriate language
    • Walk in the direction of the designated traffic flow patterns labeled on the floor
    • Do not cut through bathrooms or hub space when headed to class

    Entering Class

    • Go immediately to your assigned seat, and begin warm-up and/or instructions on the board
    • Try not to be tardy.  If this becomes a normal occurrence, a minor behavioral report will be entered into Infinite Campus and parents will be contacted
    • Come prepared with planner, binder, notebooks, reading book, and pen/pencil.  Sixth graders will start the year off with backpacks and may transition to lockers upon request the first weeks of school.


    During Class

    • Raise your hand when you have a question and participate.
    • Work quietly during individual work.
    • Work cooperatively during group work.
    • Use school appropriate language.
    • Cell phones are turned on silent and placed in backpack or in lockers
    • Work the entire class period.
    • Stay in your seat while the teacher is instructing/ facilitating activities.
    • Behave in a manner that does not distract from the class.
    • If you need to use the restroom, please try to go during passing period.  If you must go during class time, students must have a teacher sign off on their bathroom passes in their planner, sign out on the bathroom clipboard in the classroom, and take a bathroom pass next to the door.


    Exiting Class & Passing Periods

    • Your teacher will instruct you when it is time to clean up.
    • Take everything with you when you leave.
    • Pick up all trash around your desk area and push in your chair.
    • Sixth grade students do NOT have passing period between 1st/2nd period and 5th/ 6th period. We treat this as one giant block and use passing period to transition to our next subject.
    • Passing period is when you may go to your locker, use the restroom, and get a drink. We strongly suggest bringing a water bottle to school daily.


                        Homework Policy

    Homework is an important part of your child’s school experience, and a valuable tool in helping students make the most of their experience at school.  Homework helps reinforce what has been taught in class, and helps students develop positive study habits.   


    You can expect your child to have homework Monday through Friday.  By sixth grade, homework is expected to take students around 30-60 minutes to complete.  Students are responsible to read their classroom boards for homework and write all assignments in their planner.  All homework assignments are explained in class, and are due the following morning, unless specified for long-term projects. Students write in their planners daily during Enrichment. To ensure homework success, please set aside a regular time and a quiet place for your child to complete homework. 


    • ELA Homework: Students are expected to read for at least 30 minutes each night. Students have a book club book and/or a free choice book to read for homework. Each night, students will complete one part of their book club prep sheet. Students may also have additional literacy writing assignments, and/or long-term projects to finish at home. Students are expected to read at least one novel a quarter and pass an Accelerated Reader test with 70% accuracy.


    • Math Homework: Students will have weekly math homework, any unfinished classwork, and/or long-term projects to complete at home.


    •  Social Studies & Science Homework: Students will occasionally have classwork assignments to finish at home and/or long-term projects to finish at home.


    • Global Citizen: Students may have quarterly projects and Lexia/Dreambox to finish at home.


    • Electives: If students have homework for electives, it is their responsibility to write it down in their planner to complete.

    Students are required to share their planners daily with parents and get a weekly parent signature. Students fill out their planner daily in Enrichment. Maintaining a complete planner is part of a student’s weekly enrichment behavior grade.  Students who continually forget parent signatures will receive a lower grade in enrichment.  Each week, students will write down their daily assignments, Infinite Campus grades, missing work, and any retakes they need to complete.    

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    In addition to the general Sky Ranch supply list, we are asking that our sixth-grade students have a few additional items.

    • total of 4 composition notebooks (1 math-graph paper, 1 science, 1 social studies, and 1 ELA)
    • One pack of glue sticks for classroom community use
    • One pack of pencils for classroom community use
    • Small personal hand-held pencil sharpener
    • One three-hole punch pencil pouch to keep in front of binders
    • Lined index cards on a ring or spiral (if you can’t find, a pack of lined index cards is fine)
    • One three-hole punch pocket folder for school papers and homework (to be in binder)

    If you are unable to purchase school items, please reach out and we will work with your family.