• Dragon Training





    Use kind words and actions.

    Respect yourself,others and property.

    Dress for success.

    Treat others and things appropriately.

    If not with your class have a pass.

    Report problems immediately.

    Leave personal items at home. Pick up after yourself.

    Hands, feet to yourself.

    Think before you act.

    Watch out for others.


    Be mindful of others classroom rules.

    Arrive on time

    Bring what you need to learn.

    Work hard to improve.

    Pay attention.

    Use supplies properly.

    Be aware of your surroundings.




    Walk silently

    Keep your body to yourself.

    Walk in a line facing forward on the right-hand side.

    Hands off walls and keep to yourself

    Get to where you are going.

    Stay to the right.

    Use walking feet.

    Keep hands and feet to self.


    Share equipment and space.

    Care for and use equipment properly.

    Follow rules of the game.


    After hearing the bell, freeze.

    After hearing the whistle, walk.

    Stay within boundaries.

    Watch out for others.

    Multipurpose Room:


    Use level 2 voices.

    Follow directions.

    Chew with your mouth closed and use a napkin.

    Use good manners.

    Use 1 pump of sanitizer.

    Sit quietly and eat.

    Pick up after yourself.

    Throw away trash.

    Eat your own food.

    Stay in seat until dismissed.

    Walk quietly in single-file line, facing forward.


    Enter quietly.

    Wait for your turn.

    Use level 2 voices.

    Enter and leave quietly.

    Always have a pass with you.


    Keep it clean, quick, and quiet

    Use a pass to go to restroom.

    Flush,wash and leave quietly.

    Turn water off.

    Report problems immediately to an adult.

    Arrival and Dismissal

    Listen carefully to adults

    Arrive and leave on time.

    Enter and leave through gates.

    Walk to your playground area

    After hearing bell, freeze.

    After hearing whistle, walk.

    Stay within boundaries.

    Watch out for others.

    Carry/walk equipment.


    Level 2 voices.

    Mindfully listen and follow driver's directions.

    Take all personal belongings with you when exiting.

    Keep bus clean.

    Once seated, stay seated.

    Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.

    Keep aisle clear.

    Voice Levels:  0=Silent, 1=Whisper, 2=Soft Speaking Voice, 3=Normal Speaking Voice, 4=Teacher Voice, 5=Outside Voice