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    2022 - 2023 Schedule

     “The real importance of gardening is the empowerment that it gives people, however small or seemingly insignificant their gardens might be. It is surprising how liberating it is if you can grow anything at all.” – Monty Don, Horticultural Journalist

    Our 5th grade Garden club will be holding a seed and flower sale Friday morning (9/23) before school.  We are trying to raise money to buy a shade tree for our community garden. Seed packets will be $2 apiece, or 3 for $5. Flower arrangements will be $5-$10. We will only be able to accept cash or check please.

    Garden Club will be running during the Fall for 5th grade students and in the Spring for 4th grade students. There will be a maximum of 15-18 students who will meet each Friday from 3:30-4:15 pm. Each week, we will focus on different aspects of gardening, learn some new gardening/plant/ecological concepts, learn to work with tools, make plant-themed art, or do some guerilla gardening to beautify our school. The Garden Club’s mission is to make our Roy Gomm garden unique and a reflection of the hearts and minds of our students.

    Dates TBA soon

    Garden Club Garden Club

    Garden Club Garden Club