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English/Language Arts Department

Goals and Standards

  • Language arts are basic to learning in all disciplines, for language is a tool for learning, a medium of communication, and the basis of all thinking; thus, in English activities students will:
    1) Recognize the value of reading and literature for lifelong learning, personal growth and enjoyment.
    2) Know that language is a social activity, changing for audience and purpose and requiring rules of interaction.
    3) Understand that reading and writing are processes and involving active construction of meaning.
    4) Develop an understanding of basic literary elements.
    5) Explore multidisciplinary connections through literature, the arts, drama, science, math, and social studies.

    Billinghurst teachers instruct with an awareness of and attention to standards mandated by the State. Standards in Language Arts facilitates lesson design and instruction. For the full text of the Nevada Language Arts Standards go to:
    Language Arts Common Core Standards