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Mission Statement




    We are BOLD students, educators, families, and leaders that embrace each other by cultivating a welcoming, safe, and respectful environment that prioritizes building positive relationships.

    We are DEDICATED to providing rigorous instruction and maintaining high expectations in order to empower all students with the knowledge, resilience, integrity, and confidence to be successful leaders of the future.

    We are BIGHORNS!



    TEAMING-Upon entering school, students join a small community where they can get to know each other well, creating a climate for the intellectual success and emotional development of all students. Teachers have the opportunity to get to know every one of their students well enough to understand and teach them as individuals.

    INTERDISCIPLINARY TEACHING-Subject matter is integrated and coordinated exposing all student to a common core of knowledge. Teachers work together to standardize practices and expectations of students through cooperative planning and interdisciplinary teaching.

    ENRICHMENT-Enrichment is a small class that meets at the start of every day for thirty minutes. In enrichment, each student has a teacher that will be their "anchor adult" who actively engages in building a positive and trusting relationship with that student.  Some students will receive academic interventions and all students will receive guidance in study skills, social skills, responsibility and self discipline.  Enrichment also provides a "base camp" for daily announcements, discussions on current events, student activities, and community projects.