FRC Information & Instructions

  • The due date, in order to have your request placed on the next agenda, is the Thursday prior to the next meeting.  The Financial Review Committee (FRC) meets weekly, on Thursdays, and the Business Office requires adequate time to review requests and calculations before providing information to the committee for consideration.  Items received after 5:00 on Thursday, will be heard on the second Thursday following submission.  The committee does not review submissions received in the same week they are submitted.  Please be aware that a quorum is required and scheduled meetings will be canceled if a quorum can't be present.  Please be sure the form is fully completed and signed before submitting

    Kindly use the updated form below and discard any older versions.  This form works best when opened in Firefox.  If using Microsoft Edge, update to the latest browser and disable the pdf viewerIf using Chrome, you'll need to enable the Acrobat extension for Google Chrome.  Instructions can be found here


    Incomplete forms will be returned, resulting in a delay in processing your request. Please email the completed form to Business & Finance -


    FY24 FRC Form 


    Subject to FRC Review:

    1. New initiatives (these should generally be contained to Strategic Plan initiatives)
    2. Requests for positions/contracts/other items that require additional funding
    3. Significant budget updates/fiscal developments
    4. Reclassifications and reorganizations
    5. Vehicle purchases
    6. Solicitation waiver (Professional Services Contracts > $25,000)
    7. Increases to Travel & Training Budgets


    To request a status update:  If you wish to follow-up on the status of an FRC request, please be sure you have considered the submission date using the guidelines above.  If you know your submission meets the listed criteria, please email with the information listed below.  Due to the high volume of multiple inquiries for the same request, requests that don’t include this information, or that are seeking status information prior to the scheduled meeting date, will be delayed.

    • Date of submission
    • Title or subject of request
    • Name and email of the person who submitted the request