How to Become a Registered Supplier with Washoe County School District

  • Suppliers need to register with Washoe County School District (WCSD) in order to receive notifications of solicitations from the Purchasing Department.

    The Supplier Registration/Update Form is available at the bottom of this webpage. Additional information on "How to do Business with WCSD" can be found using the link on the sub-menu to the right of this webpage.

    1. Click on the Supplier Registration/Update From link below. This will open the form in a wbpage PDF format.
    2. IMPORTANT! Before you begin filling out the form, you MUST "Save-As" the form to your device, otherwise you risk completing the form and sending it to WCSD where it will be received blank and you will have to re-do the form.
    3. Fill out the Supplier Registration/Update Form with as much detail as possible.
    4. Remember to add the Commodity Codes be clicking the boxes found on Pages 2 and 3 of the form. If what your company provides is not identified on the form, please provide that information in the email you send to us with your form or handwrite it on the form when it is faxed. The Purchasing Department enters the information into our database by the commodity codes you submit on the application. When WCSD issues a solicitation with those commodity codes, you/your agency will be notified via email.
    5. Please email the 3-page form with a current W9 to or fax the 3-page PDF form with a current W9 to 775-857-3175.

    Click on "Solicitations for Products & Services" using the link on the sub-menu to the right of this webpage for solicitation opportunitites. 

    WCSD Purchasing also distributes electronically through Onvia's "DemandStar" at: (membership required)

    It is the responsibility of the Supplier to notify WCSD's Purchasing Department of any changes to Supplier's information on the Supplier Registration/Update Form.

    Supplier Registration Update Form