Each month the 21st Century Learning Division produces three short 10-15 minute webinars around topics relevant to the development of student-centered learning practices and effective technology integration. Sign in below with your district credentials to view this month's professional learning.

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    May Topics: "The End is Near!"


    Archives: Monthly Professional Learning Topics 

    April: "What a Learner Needs"

    Digital Citizen
    Instructional Design for Self-Directed Learning
    Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Accessibility Tools, Searching for Copyright Free Images
    SIPS (Short and Sweet): Digital Citizenship

    March: "PBL Builds Innovators"

    Project-Based Learning Builds Innovators
    PBL and the In-Class Flip
    OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, Forms, Teams, Screencasting & Nearpod
    SIPS (Short and Sweet): Take a Sip of Project-Based Learning

    February: "It's All About Control"

    Empowered Learner & Self-Regulation
    Student Learning Goals & Empowering Students to Troubleshoot Technology Issues
    3 Ways to Use Forms Beyond Quizzes, Using Rubrics in Teams, Student-Created Rubrics
    SIPS (Short and Sweet): Take a Sip of Empowered Learner & Self-Regulation

    January: "Lights, Camera, Action!"

    Creative Communicator & Skilled Communication
    Using Digital Tools to Enhance Your Classroom Instruction
    PowerPoint, Flipgrid, & OneNote
    SIPS (Short and Sweet): Take a Sip of Skilled Communication & Creative Communicator

    December: "A Whole New World in a New Year"

    NITS/21CC: Innovative Designer & Use of Technology for Learning
    BLE: Digital Citizenship & Choosing the Right Digital Tool for the Job
    MTT/DLT: Minecraft, Hour of Code, & Prep for Second Semester Teams (Secondary)

    November: "Let's Get Real"

    NITS/21CC: Computational Thinker & Real World Problem Solving and Innovation
    BLE: Search Tools and Strategies + Evaluating Websites
    MTT/DLT: Approved Tools that Help Students Create Products of Learning
    SIPS: Take a Sip of Real World Problem Solving & Computational Thinking

    October: "Knowledge is Power!"

    NITS/21CC: Knowledge Constructor & Knowledge Construction 
    BLE: How Blended Learning Supports Knowledge Construction & Student Questioning
    MTT/DLT: Removing Barriers to Learning and Knowledge Construction Using Digital Tools
    SIPS: Take a Sip of Knowledge Construction & Knowledge Constructor

    September: "Stop! Collaborate and Listen!"

    NITS/21CC:  Global Collaborator & Collaboration
    BLE: Instruction, Engagement Strategies and Management Ideas for Collaboration
    MTT/DLT: Collaboration Space in OneNote and Collaborating with Microsoft Suite
    SIPS: Take a Sip of Knowledge Construction & Knowledge Constructor

    "August: Start Off on the Right Foot"

    NITS/21CC: Introduction to the Nevada Integrated Technology Standards and the 21st Century Learning Dimensions
    BLE: Digital Citizenship Overview + How to Create Strong Passwords
    MTT/DLT: Back to School Reminders and Guidance