• Self-Screening and Exclusions

    Can students attend school if they are not feeling well?

    Students and staff are encouraged to use the screening tool daily before entering a WCSD facility to determine if they should come to school. The screening tool is available in various languages at https://www.washoeschools.net/selfscreening.

    What if my student or myself, as a staff member, is experiencing symptoms?

    Use the screening tool available online at https://www.washoeschools.net/selfscreening. Parents will need to notify their child's school. Staff members can contact Employee Health Nurse using the online intake form at https://www.washoeschools.net/EHN or leave a message by calling (775) 348-0338.

    If my student has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, what do they need to do?

    Consult the Self-Screening Tool. If any student, staff member, volunteer, or guest develops symptoms at any time, they should isolate at home and not go to any WCSD school or site. Families should call their school to report symptoms, then contact their healthcare provider if needed. 

    The CDC recommends that anyone who has been in close contact with someone known to have COVID-19 should avoid being near anyone with a compromised immune system for 10 days after exposure and consider taking the following steps:

    • wear a mask for 10 days and
    • test for COVID-19 5 days after last contact.

    My child is vaccinated. Should I send in my vaccination card?

    At this time, we are not asking for parents to provide vaccination cards for their vaccinated students.

    Why does my student need to quarantine or isolate?

    Students who test positive or are presumed positive for COVID-19 must isolate at home to prevent spreading a contagious disease, like COVID-19, to others. If your child is asked to isolate, they need to stay home and not attend school, sports, or school activities to separate from other students, even if they don't appear sick. Use the screening tool available online at https://www.washoeschools.net/selfscreening.  

    What if someone in our home has tested positive for COVID-19, but my student isn't sick?

    If someone in the home has tested positive or is presumed positive for COVID-19, watch carefully for symptoms. It is essential to contact the school and provide information if your student becomes sick.

    If my student tests positive for COVID-19, how long do they have to stay isolated?

    The exclusion period depends on the specific illness, recovery time, and the contagious period of the illness. Additionally, the extent of exclusion depends on the illness and the number of individuals exposed. Close contacts identified through contact tracing may require further exclusion, which the Washoe County Health District will determine.

    If my student is excluded, would they be missing school? Is their absence excused?

    Just like absences for any illness, COVID-19 exclusions do not count toward chronic absenteeism.

    I need to update my contact information for Connect Ed call. How can I provide that information?

    Please call your child's school and speak with the registrar to update your contact information. It is essential to maintain your contact information current to ensure you get to school and emergency notifications.

    I am not receiving Connect Ed calls when there are cancellations or emergencies. Who should I contact?

    There might be a couple of reasons why you are not getting notifications. 

    Verify that your child's school has the correct phone number to reach you. 

    Make sure that your child's school phone number, as well as the district's notification number 775-333-3733, is not blocked on your phone. 

    If you had opt-out of ConnectEd calls, you need to call 1-855-502-7867 from the phone you have opted out of. Unfortunately, schools cannot opt you back in.

    COVID-19 Vaccinations

    Are COVID-19 vaccines required for students and staff?

    School districts must follow the vaccination requirements established by Nevada state law NRS 392.435 and NRS 392.446.  Under state law, the Washoe County School District cannot mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for students. Currently, COVID-19 vaccinations are not required for students and staff.

    Will my child be required to get vaccinated to play a school sport or join the band, theater, or other school activities?

    State laws NRS 392.435 and NRS 392.446 govern student vaccination requirements. Therefore, WCSD cannot mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for students. Currently, there are no plans to require vaccines for students to play school sports or activities.

    If I choose to get my eligible student vaccinated, where can I take them?

    The Washoe County Health District, Immunize Nevada, and Community Health Alliance offer free COVID-19 vaccines at various locations and dates. For the most current listing of COVID-19 vaccine locations, visit http://www.Immunizenevada.org.


    When and how will masks be required?

    Those who are symptomatic and/or test positive for COVID-19 and who are not able or willing to wear a well-fitting mask will need to isolate for 10 days. Refer to the screening tool available online at https://www.washoeschools.net/selfscreening

    A well-fitting mask must be worn over both the nose and mouth and should fit snugly against the face.

    Do masks need to be worn outside?

    Masks are not required outdoors or while eating or drinking.

    Will wearing a mask all day cause harm to my children, such as lowering their oxygen levels by forcing them to re-breathe their air?

    Numerous public health and medical experts, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), have conclusively determined that wearing a mask does not affect oxygen levels in healthy patients or patients with asthma while at rest or during physical activity.

    Will students be given "mask breaks," and how can they accommodate them?

    Staff is encouraged to find innovative ways to allow for mask breaks for all students while following local, state, and federal guidelines to protect students, staff, visitors, and guests.

    Supporting Mental Health and Wellness

    My student has been struggling emotionally since the pandemic began. How can I get help? Whom should I call?

    WCSD counselors, psychologists, social workers, Family and Community Engagement (FACE) liaisons, Student Graduation Advocates, Family Graduation Specialists, and teachers will work together to practice social and emotional skills, as well as mental health and emotional wellness with students. Families are encouraged to contact the school if they are concerned about the emotional well-being of their students. 

    Are there any supports available for families who are struggling with challenging student behavior?

    The district's Multi-Tiered Systems of Support has established the MTSS Family Behavioral Hotline (775) 337-7566, providing families with access to a behavior specialist that can help identify strategies to support student behavior at home and school. This is a free service for all families.

    Distance Education

    What is distance learning education available for students who prefer remote learning?

    Distance education is only available to students enrolled full-time at North Star Online School. This is an accredited WCSD school, and there is no tuition for students. Learn more about North Start Online School at https://www.washoeschools.net/northstar or call (775) 353-6900.

    May students participate in elective courses (sports, arts, etc.) and social activities at their zoned school?

    District guidance is that North Star students can participate in extracurriculars at their zoned schools.  Elective participation is also an option but depends on seat/teacher availability.

    International Travel

    Please see the CDC website for information and guidance on international travel and COVID-19.