Superintendent’s Task Force

  • The Superintendent’s Taskforce considers supplementary curriculum materials for the Washoe County School District. The goal of the Taskforce is to make and share recommendations with the superintendent regarding supplementary curriculum materials that best serve the interest of all WCSD students, employees, and community members.

    The Taskforce was created under the direction of the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees.

    Applications for the task force members were accepted from late July 2021 to late August 2021. The District received applications from 145 parents/guardians and 41 from community members for the 18-member task force.

    A committee convened to review each application using a blind review and rubric-based process. The committee consisted of one parent/guardian (not a district employee), one community member, one teacher, and one representative from the Office of Accountability.

    After this review process, selected applicants were contacted in early September.

    Meeting notes and materials will be posted publicly for the community to review, and updates on the Taskforce’s work will be provided to the Board of Trustees regularly.

Meeting Materials

Task Force Members

    • Mari Callahan, Parent/Guardian Representative, Trustee District A
    • Allison Anderson, Parent/Guardian Representative, Trustee District B
    • Alysia Goyer, Parent/Guardian Representative, Trustee District C
    • Ashley Ireland, Parent/Guardian Representative, Trustee District D
    • Stacey Hine, Parent/Guardian Representative, Trustee District E
    • Megan Cargile, Community Member,
    • Debi Stears, Community Member
    • Lisa Brunelle, Community Member
    • Amanda Aragon, Community Member
    • Daniel Kirk, Principal Representative
    • Dina Ciaramella, Curriculum & Instruction Representative
    • LaNesha Battle, Equity & Diversity Department Representative
    • Rachel Fisher, Elementary School Teacher Representative
    • Keyana Bunting, Elementary School Teacher Representative
    • James Coleman, Middle School Teacher Representative
    • Danielle Stallworth-Luna, High School Teacher Representative
    • Mia Albright, Student Representative
    • Victoria Gomez, Student Representative