The Ben Hayes Scholarship for Empowering Students

  • Ben HayesChief Accountability Officer, Ben Hayes, worked for Washoe County School District for over twenty years. Ben’s guiding principle was always to do “what’s best for kids.” He was, first and foremost, an advocate for children, ensuring their voices were heard throughout all decisions that impacted the District. During his career with WCSD, Ben worked as a Grant Evaluator, Accounting and Assessment Director, and ultimately, Chief Accountability Officer.

    In the words of one of his coworkers: “Ben, you are compassionate, innovative, and righteous. You lead with a strong moral compass built on a foundation of social justice and righting what is wrong in the world. You fiercely defend children, and I have never met anyone so committed to the cause. In a world, and a field, that too often defaults to complacency, you are dogged, thoughtful, and passionate. You have faith in people’s capacity to excel, and I know every person on our team works hard, in large part, to honor you. I certainly do.”

    Ben Hayes believed in students and wanted them to succeed no matter what challenges they may have had to overcome. His memorial scholarship was designed to support students who have conquered obstacles and are determined to make the world a better place. Help us honor the legacy of Ben’s beliefs and practices by applying to this scholarship. 


    Graduating seniors from WCSD schools are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The deadline is June 1.

    The Ben Hayes Scholarship for Empowering Students (Scholarship Application