Countdown to Graduation

Washoe County School District students who are ready to graduate have faced and overcome many obstacles this year. They have shown remarkable determination and perseverance. We congratulate each of our graduating Seniors in the class of 2021, as we guide Every Child, by name and face, to graduation.
Collage of graduates


  • As the Washoe County School District prepares to celebrate graduation for the Class of 2021, 19 graduates are being honored in this year’s Countdown to Graduation. The theme for the celebration is “perseverance,” as students are applauded for their determination as they finished their high school careers during the COVID pandemic.

    Countdown graduates represent a wide variety of accomplishments and experiences both inside and outside school. This year’s group features musicians, athletes, and scholars, some of whom have overcome seriously obstacles while finishing their high school studies and preparing for the future.

    “Our Countdown graduates have worked so hard to overcome challenges in their lives and reach that graduation stage,” said WCSD Board President Dr. Angie Taylor. “They are bright shining stars for all of us because they have worked so hard to achieve this academic milestone. Their high school diploma will open doors for them, no matter how they decide to pursue their dreams, and I’m proud of all of them and their classmates who are part of the Class of 2021. They deserve all of our praise for their accomplishments, and on behalf of my fellow trustees, I congratulate them for a job well done.”

    “I look forward to our Countdown to Graduation every year because we have the opportunity to learn more about the amazing students in our graduating classes,” said WCSD Superintendent Dr. Kristen McNeill. “I applaud our teachers, school staff members, and families who have supported our students as they worked through their school years, encouraging them to do their best work and explore their talents. These 19 students—and thousands more in the Class of 2021—have worked hard to earn their high school diploma, and I am proud of each and every one of them. am so impressed with our group of graduates this year, and I applaud them, their families, and the staff members who worked alongside them to provide the supports and resources they needed to achieve this important goal. These students—and thousands more like them—have worked hard to earn their high school diplomas, and I am incredibly proud of all of them.”

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    Proud Graduate

    Aliza Davis and another student stand under an arch of red and yellow balloons