• Thank You!

    WCSD is grateful to all the employees who volunteered their time to assist our vaccination events. Below is a list of all volunteers who helped ensure all employees access to a vaccine from January through March of 2021. Many of these everyday heroes volunteered multiple days including our vaccinator nurses from Health Services (listed in bold). We had more people willing to help than we needed, a true testament to the collaborative and supportive spirit of our fellow colleagues!



    Julia Rogers AACT    
    Ken  Rackley Alice Smith  Elementary School

    Lisa Cox

    TMCC and Silver Lake
    Toukine Deakin Alice Smith Elementary School

    Laura Johnson

    Student Health Services
    Francisco Lorenzo-Ortiz Alice Smith Elementary School

    Liz Long

    Student Health Services
    Eloisa Guillen-Garcia Booth Elementary School

    Patty Maryott

    SCannon and Anderson
    Danielle Aylesworth Clayton Pre-A.P. Academy

    Kadie McMullan

    Student Health Services
    Karolina Moran Corbett Elementary School

    Cynda New

    Student Health Services
    Josephine  Mullen Atiemo Counseling-Social Work

    Megan Solaro

    Damonte Ranch High School
    Amee Lombardi Damonte Ranch High School

    Melissa Steward

    SKY Ranch and Bohatch
    Kayleen Boudreau Donner Springs Elementary School

    Elizabeth Straus

    Student Health Services
    Yolanda Olivares Double Diamond Elementary School

    Lorena Uscola-Lock

    Sparks High School
    Liz Wagstaff Galena High School

    Charlien Wilson

    Student Health Services
    Jennifer Harvey Gifted & Talented    
    Jonna Aucoin Greenbrae Elementary School    
    Bridget Burckhard Hall Elementary School    
    Jennifer  Johanson Herz Middle School Trustee Andrew Caudill Board Of Trustees
    Julie Wilson-Phan Herz Middle School Trustee Diane Nicolet Board Of Trustees
    Ilsa Tinnin Hidden Valley Elementary School Trustee Angela Taylor Board Of Trustees
    Sam O'Brien Hug High School Trustee Kurt Thigpen Board Of Trustees
    Alina Rodriguez Hug High School Dr. Kristen McNeill Superintendent
    Susan Egloff Inskeep Elementary School Debra Biersdorff Deputy Superintendent
    Mary Culpepper Lincoln Park Elementary School Jennifer  Harris Accountability Office
    Ashley Butera Loder Elementary School Ben Hayes Accountability Office
    Julie Gray Loder Elementary School Ann Marie Dickson Area Superintendent
    Michaela  Logan Loder Elementary School Jennifer Vantress Area Superintendent
    Tierney Cahill Maxwell Elementary School Jen Jimenez Board Services
    Marcie Sierra Maxwell Elementary School Lisa  McNeill Business Office
    Ed Holler McQueen High School Adrienne Fisher C&I- Consulting Teachers
    Kimberly  Grange Mitchell Elementary School Jen Caldwell Communications Office
    Renee Hirschman Moss Elementary School Megan Downs Communications Office
    Kris Stosic Mt Rose K-8 Acad Of Languages Roy Anderson Emergency Management
    Guadalupe Suarez Mt Rose K-8 Acad Of Languages Holly  Underwood English Language Development
    Stephanie Vega North Star Online School  Ana Anderson Family School Partnerships
    Amy Baker North Valleys High School D'Lisa Crain Family School Partnerships
    Mike  delaTorre North Valleys High School Amanda Gormley General Counsel
    Vanessa Nelson North Valleys High School Leslie Allfree Health Services
    Kevin Carthen Pine Middle School Lisa Cox Health Services
    Emmanuel Gutierrez Pine Middle School Orlando Chavez Housekeeping
    Georgette Knecht Pine Middle School Emily Ellison Human Resources
    Terry DeBarger Reed High School Jim Grace Human Resources
    Julianne  Dillard Reed High School Alyson Kendrick Human Resources
    Leigh Metcalfe Reed High School Chas  Lednicky Human Resources
    Rebecca Smith Reed High School Marissa McClish Human Resources
    Joan Matan-Ring Risley Elementary School Adriana Publico Human Resources
    Irma Lira de Ramirez Smithridge STEM Academy Dan Armstrong Information Technology
    Yolanda Nishihura Smithridge STEM Academy Felipe da Silva Information Technology
    Nurit Stites  Smithridge STEM Academy Jennie Lindquist Information Technology
    Wendy Labon Sparks High School Gary Mancuso Information Technology
    Rebecca  Trook Sparks High School Jeanette Reynolds Library Services
    Barbara Dirickson Sun Valley Elementary School Silvia Martinez-Gil Nutrition Services Center
    Michael Nakashima Swope Middle School Tamala Green Office of School Leadership
    Lenore Whelan Taylor Elementary School Pete  Etchart Operations Office
    Cynthia Barnett TMCC Magnet School Jama  Sutfin RPDP
    Rhonda Van Deusen Towles Elementary School Michael Perry School Police
    Tony Filicchia Traner Middle School Lindsay Culbert Special Education
    Bonnie Carlson Verdi Elementary School Jessica Medulla Special Education
    Nia Waters Veterans STEM Academy Bryn Lapenta Student Accounting
    Ben Dickson Westergard Elementary School Shannon Yoelin Student Accounting
    Mischelle (Mickey) Smith Wooster High School Pamela Dickson Transportation
    Jan Bishop Guest Teacher Andrew Gomes Transportation
    Michelle Peterson Guest Teacher William Sandbank Transportation
    Christina Rutledge Guest Teacher    
    Nadine Barker-Stimson Transportation- Verdi and Billinghurst    
    Patrick Hagerty Transportation- All WCSD Schools    
    Raymond Lake Transportation- Wooster, Huffaker, Caughlin    
    Dorothy Taylor Transportation- Wooster, Huffaker, Caughlin