Employee Vaccination Information

  • WCSD has begun offering the COVID-19 vaccine to employees. Below you will find the latest information about the District's vaccination plan, including the schedule for upcoming vaccination events, the number of employees who have been invited to schedule vaccination appointments, information about the employee organization system, and which employee groups can expect to receive vaccination invitations next. We will update this site at least weekly. 


    Employee Vaccination Tracking as of 1.15.21

    Number of employees invited to schedule vaccination appointments: 2,391

    Employee groups that have been invited to schedule vaccination appointments: Groups 1A, 1B, and 2A

    Next employee groups that will be provided the opportunity for the vaccine: Groups 2B and 2C

  • WCSD Vaccination Information as of January 15, 2021 

    Vaccination invites for the next group will be emailed on Tuesdays or Wednesdays as this is when we will know how many vaccines we have for the upcoming Saturday.  Interested employees should register immediately upon receiving their invitation email. If there are openings left on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, we will invite employees from the next group.

    Vaccination Groups are 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G, 2H, 2I, 2J and 2K and include approximately 7500 employees in total.

    We have already sent vaccination appointment invitations to 2,391 employees in groups 1A, 1B, and 2A.

    The week of January 18th, employees in group 2B and some employees in group 2C will be receiving invitations for vaccinations for January 23rd.

    Information as to which groups have been vaccinated, which groups are next, and how many vaccination appointment invitations have been sent can be found at www.washoeschools.net/vaccine.  This site will be updated weekly.

    Employees were placed into vaccination groups based on a total score of identified risk factors including: age, occupation, health, home, and other (as outlined in the email from Human Resources on 12/30/2020).  Seniority was used to give priority within groups with the same score (for example if two employees have the same total risk score, the employee with the longest employment history in the district would be placed above the employee with less seniority).

    The survey has closed for health, home, and other risk factors.  All employees were assessed for age and occupation-based factors and this information was utilized to place employees into vaccination groups regardless of if an employee responded to the survey.

    All employees will receive a vaccine appointment invitation as some employees who indicated they did not want a vaccine may have their changed their mind. Vaccination is voluntary and it is up the employee to register for an appointment once they receive an invitation. 


    WCSD Vaccination Information as of January 14, 2021 

    Below, we will highlight our current vaccination plan, however it’s important to remember that the plan is contingent on vaccine availability.

    • Based on your survey responses and job descriptions, Human Resources has organized the order in which employees will be able to sign up to receive the vaccine and is grouping employees into 10 groups.
    • On Friday, January 15, employees will be receiving an email from Human Resources indicating which group you have been placed in. Dependent upon vaccine supply, we are hoping that all employees will be able to receive their first vaccine by the end of February.
    • WCSD in conjunction with the area’s Fire Departments will be hosting vaccination events on several consecutive Saturdays starting January 23 at select high schools in our District. 
    • When we have the exact times and locations of our vaccination events, we will be reaching out to employees in order of their groupings with the opportunity to sign up for a vaccine appointment.
    • Employees going through a WCSD/Fire Department event will sign up for two appointments – the first for the initial vaccine and the second four weeks later for the second and final shot. Employees who are unable to commit to both appointments will be directed to the Health District’s vaccine clinic where there is more flexibility in scheduling a time that works best for you. 
    • The vaccination events will be held inside our schools because we do not have the infrastructure to offer drive through vaccines. However, safety precautions will be taken in order to protect our staff and vaccine volunteers.
    • Masks will be required, physical distancing will be maintained, and any participants feeling ill will not be allowed inside.
      If employees are uncomfortable receiving the vaccine indoors, they can sign up for one of the health district drive-through vaccination clinics.
    • Receiving the vaccine is not a condition of employment and is completely voluntary.
    • We will continue to post information, as we learn it, to www.washoeschools.net/vaccine. We will post which group we are currently vaccinating on this site so you can see where you are in line.