STEP 1


    STEP 2

    • Complete a WCSD Certified Teacher Application
      • Go to net
      • Click on the Careers tab
      • Click on Applicant Login
      • Click on CREATE ACCOUNT box
      • Create a “Certified” account
    • Send out four confidential references in your application
      • If you have at least 60 college credits, attach your application to the Guest Teacher job posting and follow the instructions shown
      • If you have a high school diploma, attach your application to the Guest Teacher job posting and follow the instructions

    STEP 3

    • When your application is complete, your references all have the status “Returned,” and you have been issued your license, send an email to the suboffice@washoeschools.net

    STEP 4

    • Attend the Guest Teacher Orientation
    • Fingerprint after the orientation


    STEP 1: for people who have a High School Diploma

    ·        Click Substitute/ Emergency Sub

    • Click Emergency Substitute Request Form and fill out your information
    • Save the form to your desktop or files and email tohunt@washoeschools.edu
    • Complete your OPAL application at https://online.nvdoe.org/#/
    • After creating an OPAL account the website will take you to your Nevada Department of Education Dashboard
    • Click Initial Application- First Time Application in Nevada
    • Select Emergency Substitute and click Create Application
    • When completing the Education portion you can type your High School Name in the College/University
    • Select High School Diploma
    • When completing the License category select Substitute and Emergency Substitute for the Endorsement type
    • Select Emergency Substitute Request in the scroll down for Document Type
    • Upload the Emergency Substitute Request Form in the Document box
    • Save and complete the remaining application fields
    • After your OPAL application is completed you will need to get fingerprinted from the approved Livescan list below http://www.doe.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/ndedoenvgov/content/Educator_Licensu re/Livescan_Vendors.pdfhttp://www.doe.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/ndedoenvgov/c ontent/Educator_Licensure/Livescan_Vendors.pdf