Congratulations to all our finalists and winners this year. Thank you to all who participated in spreading holiday cheer and promoting art in our schools. Happy Holidays!

Elementary School Finalist: Anugya Chauhan, grade 2, North Star Online School

Anugya Chauhan grade 2 North Star Online School

Elementary School Finalist: Jordan Essa, grade 4, Gomm Elementary School

Jordan Essa grade 4 Gomm ES.jpg

Elementary School Winner: Marley Sass, grade 5, Beasley Elementary School

Marley Sass grade 5 Beasley ES

Middle School Winner: Cole Draper, grade 8, Mendive Middle School

Cole Draper Grade 8 Mendive Middle School

Middle School Finalist: Annalee Peachey, grade 7, Billinghurst Middle School

Annalee Peachey grade 7 Billinghurst Middle School

Middle School Finalist: Samantha Wong, grade 7, Depoali Middle School

Samantha Wong grade 7 Depoali Middle School

High School Finalist: Grace Cotton, grade 11, Reno High School

Grace Cotton grade 11 Reno High School

High School Finalist: Cloey Duncan, grade 10, McQueen High School

Cloey Duncan grade 10 McQueen High School

High School Winner: Adelina LaForge, grade 9, Incline High School

Adelina LaForge grade 9 Incline High School