•  Hybrid & Distance Learning Information





      With the move to full distance learning for all Shaw students starting on Wednesday, we have created expectations for success for all of our students. Please know that we are continuing the pace and rigor of our in person curriculum during this time of distance learning.  We are going to keep pushing forward and believe these expectations will help keep our students successful.  If you need anything from us to help your student be successful during distance learning, please reach out to your student’s counselor as soon as possible.

    Our bell schedule will remain the same in order to keep consistency.

    On M, T, TH, F it is:

    1st Period 7:30-8:12

    2nd Period 8:17-8:59

    3rd Period 9:04-9:46

    4th Period 9:51-10:33

    Enrichment 10:38-11:13

    Lunch 11:13-11:43

    Enrichment 11:49-12:25

    5th Period 12:31-1:13

    6th Period 1:18-2:00

    On Wednesday it is:

    1st Period 7:30-8:05

    2nd Period 8:10-8:45

    3rd Period 8:50-9:25

    4th Period 9:30-10:05

    Enrichment 10:10-10:46

    Lunch 10:46-11:16

    Enrichment 11:22-11:55

    5th Period 12:01-12:36

    6th Period 12:41-1:15

    Students will be expected to attend each class live each day during their normally scheduled class.  Teachers will be available during each period to offer live teaching, recorded lessons and independent work time. A participation grade will be given each week for student’s participation during these live classes every day.

    Students will be expected to continue to fill out their attendance forms each day to be marked present.

    Teachers will be able to set up individual or small group supports during the Enrichment period, on top of the assigned lessons during that period.

    6th grade students who have been distance learning all semester should attend during their normally scheduled classes, not during 5th period as they have been.

    If students participate in Zoom classes, they should make sure they have their given name posted in Zoom so teachers are sure of who is in their class.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call at 425-7777.  We will work together to make these couple of weeks successful for all of us!