• Motivating Students for Online Learning

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    1) Establish a structure and routine. Following our school schedule provides the stability students needs to complete their tasks and minimizes the desire to get off task.

    2) Praise effort. More than ever, students need to know they are moving forward. Positive praise gives students forward momentum.

    3) Practice positivity and grit. Model a positive attitude about the benefits of school work for your students. When times get tough, we dig deep and overcome. Your student's education is the key to unlocking the best possible future. Encourage your student to dig deep and work hard for his or her education.

    4) Check in regularly. Don't assume how your student is doing. Ask your student to show you the work. Ask your student to share their learning, what they feel confident in and where they need help. It is normal for students to avoid work. Establishing a clear expectation that your student will show you their assignments and share what they are learning will help to create healthy work and study habits.

    5) Be willing to experiment. The digital learning environment allows for many modes of learning including audio books and educational games.

    6) Adjust expectations. Our current situation is not ideal so some flexibility is needed. Insist on the bare minimum of completing all assignments and set up natural consequences. Celebrate little victories.