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       Ms. Tremayne and Ms. Torcaso are hosting a True Colors GSA Club during lunch. Check the calendar details!

       Note: This club is for ALL grades and ALL students---- 6th,7th, & 8th graders. It will be held during the lunch period for 6th grade and the lunch period for 7th/8th grade. Please check the calendar for specific dates. We host this club every other week for the A-group and B-group in person students. For distance learners, you may join our club using the online zoom links. Make sure you click the correct link for the correct day of the week. When you login to the zoom, please login using your proper first and last name, no nicknames please or we will not allow you to enter the zoom club. 



           Starting Term 4.... True Colors will be EVERY Tuesday: (6th grade room 660; 7th/8th room 330)

                  Tuesday March 30th -- A day 

               Tuesday April 6th -- B day

               Tuesday April 13th -- A day

               Tuesday April 20th -- B day 

               Tuesday April 27th -- A day

               Tuesday May 4th  --B day

               Tuesday  May 11th  --A day

               Tuesday  May 18th  --B day 

               Tuesday  May 25th  --A day 


                  Distance Learner Virtual Meetings: Every Friday from 10:30am-11:00am

                  Zoom LinkTRUE COLORS ZOOM

                 Meeting ID: 859 5835 8070  (email Tremayne for passcode, if needed)




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