• Here is the first flyer to send to parents introducing Square 1 Art. Send by 10/1/20


    1st Email


    This flyer has all the information on how to do the art, upload it, and links to everything. If you are leading the art lesson, feel free to omit/modify sections before you send it that are about finding lessons for themselves. Send by 10/13/20.  


    2nd Email


    Art is due uploaded to the website by parents no later than 10/27/20.  Students are welcome to come by the school and pick up the paper, or drop their art off at the school to be mailed in by us instead.  Paper will be available to pick up next week.  If we are mailing in art for your student, they need to drop it off at the school by 10/16/20 at noon.

  • Here is a link for the parent webpage. This tells parents about the art and how to upload it, etc.


    Parent Portal

  • *2 Quick Notes: Siblings can do the art lesson also if they want and you're up for having them join your class.  They upload their art and Huffaker will get a percentage of those sales too. Lastly, there will be an option on the order form to have everything shipped to their house instead of the school if they would prefer.  *