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  • Edgenuity overview: 


    • You will have one teacher who facilitates all your classes (Ms. Bernard 6th/8th grade, Mr. Keenan 7th/8th grade, Ms. Neef-- all grades)
    • Attendance: Please take your attendance using MICROSOFT TEAMS. Look for the BDB Team and fill out the "virtual attendance form" every day.
    • Your teacher will host open office hours each week; please contact your teacher for dates/times
    • You will have 6 classes, 4 core classes and 2 electives
    • You cannot choose your electives. You cannot drop any classes.
    • Edgenuity will set a pace for you and determine how long it will take you to complete your classes. However, if you start to get behind, simply communicate with your teacher if you have concerns.
    • Edgenuity allows for you to work ahead. It is possible to complete classes prior to the end of the semester.
    • Each Edgenuity classes is one semester in length and worth 0.5 credits. There are no full-year classes offered.
    • We recommend that students spend a solid 5.5 hours each day working on Edgenuity coursework in order to stay on pace with the program. 
    • UPDATE: There will be no final exams for Edgenuity classes.
    • UPDATE: Grading information, Intersession: NEW grading guidance 2020Grading information (Spanish) 


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