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  • Hybrid Learning Overview:


        New to hybrid? Review this Power Point: Hybrid Learning Tips


         What to expect as a hybrid student:  

    • Students will have 7 classes each day, starting with an Enrichment class
    • Students cannot change their classes at this time unless there is an error (i.e. student is in 8th grade but enrolled in 7th grade math.)
    • Classes are 43 minutes each; Enrichment is 25 minutes
    • Students must always wear masks.
    • Students must always maintain 6 feet of distance.
    • There are no lockers. Student may have backpacks to hold all their belongings.
    • Hybrid students will attend class on either an A day or B day (see calendar for your group.)
    • When hybrid students are at home, these are called “virtual” days. Students must login to Microsoft Teams and complete assignments at home. These days are set up to match a regular school day (7:30-2:00 p.m.). If students do not login to each class by 2:00 p.m., they will be marked absent.
    • Most assignments will be submitted through Microsoft Teams. Students must have access to a computer and internet at home. Billinghurst may rent laptops and internet “hotspots” to any family, if needed.
    • Access to a printer at home is not required. If a student needs to print something, they can use a school printer in a classroom or the library.
    • Access to a cell phone at school is not required. However, cell phones are allowed for school use. Students are encouraged to download the Microsoft Teams App to use at school.


    Group A Calendar:Group A

    Group B Calendar: Group B

    BDB school map: BDB MAP


    How to Access Microsoft Office365 at Home for TEAMS, Word, Power Point, Email, etc.


    1. Go to www.washoeschools.net
    2. Under Quick Links, click “Office 365 Sign In”
    3. Type in your school email. It is your student ID # @washoeschools.org
    4. Click NEXT. You will automatically be transferred to a screen that says “Authentication Required”
    1. Type in your school email again. Example: 1234567@washoeschools.org
    2. Type in your Windows password that you use at school.

    Now you’re in! You can work on any application (Word, TEAMS, Power Point, Outlook email, etc) and save to your OneDrive


    An introduction to Microsoft Teams: https://youtu.be/qx8xHpRMFHU


    Communicating using Microsoft Teams: How to communicate with Teams?