class of 2021
  • Hello class of 2021!


    It is that time for your Senior Interview with your counsleor!

    1. Please review the items in your senior folder and follow along with the video below.

    2. Write down any questions you may have along the way.

    4. Schedule your senior interview with your counsleor using the appropriate link below. Clicking on the counselor's name will take you to their appointment scheduling site. 

    5. Have your folder with you during your call.

    * Senior folder contents are located below incase you did not recive your senior folder*


    Mr. Flora                              A-CAL                      

    Mr. Zunino                           CAM-EG                

    Ms. Lafoon                           EH-HA                        

    Mr. McQuivey                       HE-MAN                         

    Ms. Martinez                        MAO-PL                    

    Ms. Zunino                           PO-SL                         

    Ms. Vivienne                        SM-Z                          

Senior Folder Contents