• guitar 4th

    4th Grade students will be working toward the following music objectives:

    - Sing and sign pentatonic (do re mi so la do') patterns.

    - Sing partner songs.

    - Play in a small ensemble, maintaining a steady beat.

    - Improvise rhythmic and melodic questions and answers.

    - Create introductions, interludes, and codas.

    - Read quarter notes, paired eighth notes, triplets, half notes, dotted half notes, whole notes, quarter rests, half rests, and whole rests using names.

    - Read pentatonic patterns including high do on the staff using solfege and letters.

    - Use music symbols including D.S. al fine.

    - Notate (hear and record) simple melodic patterns on the staff.

    - Identify global folk instruments.

    - Evaluate own or others' performances.

    - Match music with visual images.

    - Perform music related to Nevada history.

    - Relate music to physics and the science of sound.

    Song of the Week: Hi Low, Chicka Low