• Below are crosswalks of the WCSD Teacher Evaluation Rubric with the National Standards for Quality Online Teaching.  

    These resources do not replace the WCSD Teacher Evaluation Rubric as it is our state-approved evaluation tool.  They do help connect what the Teacher Evaluation Rubric indicators may look like for distance learning and hybrid teaching environments.

    Standards, examples, and evidence provided in the documents do not include all ways a teacher may demonstrate the indicator nor is every teacher expected to have all possible NSQ standards and examples evident in their teaching. 

    Please use this tool as a guide to assist with framing how effective teaching practices may be applied in an online environment.

    The full set of standards from the National Standards for Quality Online Teaching is available here.  The accompanying Literature Review which drove the standards is available here.


    As the recommendation for SY 2020-21 is to focus on one or two standards school-wide, there are individual links for each standard below.


    STANDARD 1: Planning and Preparation

    STANDARD 2: Classroom Environment

    STANDARD 3: Instruction

    STANDARD 4: Professional Responsibilities