Tier 3

  • At Tier 3, school efforts are focused on the needs of individual students that require significant supports due to academic, social, or behavioral challenges. Tier 3 represents 1-5% of the school population. 


Core features of Tier 3

  • Tier 3 practices begin with solid tier 1 and 2 foundations. 

    Functional Behavior Assessments:

    FBA's allow for a school site team to determine the function of a students behavior, as well as determine appropriate interventions to support the students individual needs. The formal FBA process will allow for the following strategies:

    • Preventing unwanted behavior
    • Teaching appropriate behavior
    • Positively reinforcing appropriate behavior
    • Reducing rewards for unwanted behavior
    • Ensuring student safety

    Wraparound Services:

    Wraparound supports involve working with students and the adults invested in their success to identify how a student’s natural support systems, strengths, and needs can work together to improve their outcomes. In WCSD, the use of district intervention assistance team is utilized to determine what support a student might need that community members can offer.