• Mission Statement

    Desert Skies Middle School students will be collaborators, innovators and effective communicators.  Our students will be activly engaged in all aspects of learning and school culture. We champion our students to find their passion and know they belong. We value tradition and culture and our community. As a leader in digiatl age instruction, Desert Skies Middle School will utilize a 1:1 device platform that will engage students in new and creative ways and allow staff and community to work together to be innovators in education. Using best practices in teaching and learning to support students in the digital world ensures oue students are 21st Century leaders and will be prepared for their future.  

    While parents have always had a role in their children’s education, there is a growing body of research that confirms parent engagement is critical in helping both teachers and students succeed academically. As parents it's not always easy to help especially when our students need support using technology while living and learning in the ever growing craziness of computers, smart phones, teams, zoom meetings, the list is endless. 

    Desert Skies knows that it takes a village to help our students be successful. On this page you will find resources that can help families/parents support their students. Sometimes its as easy as watching a video together.