• Sixth Grade Sky Ranch Learning Expectations 2020-2021


    Hello Angel Base families! Thank you for your patience while we design our distance learning and hybrid pathway.  Below is information that will help distance learning, including hybrid students on their “home” days, run more smoothly for content classes.  These guidelines apply to ELA, Social Studies, Math, and Science. We thank you for understanding that this is new to all of us and things may change, but for now we would greatly appreciate you reading through this entire document with your student. 



    • Please, please understand that we also have hybrid students in the building with us EVERY DAY and will not be able to respond to questions/concerns unless it is our office hours.
    • Students, please send onemessage via teams OR one email.  If we don't respond right away, we will get to you.  We are juggling many things right now and receiving repeated messages is very disruptive.  You are important to us, but we need you to be patient.  Asking your peers content questions through Teams may help you get your answer more quickly, but again, please only post one message and then wait for a reply before sending another one. 



    • Langtimm’s (ELA/SS), office hours for full distance learners is during 3rd period on B elective days. Mrs. Langtimm’s office hours for hybrid students is M-F 7:15-7:30am and 2:15-2:45pm. Remember, we have students ALL day so please be patient. Email: mlangtimm@washoeschools.net


    • Hodges’ (Math/Science) office hours for full distance learners is during 3rd period on A elective days. Mrs. Hodges’ office hours for hybrid students is M-F 7:15-7:30am and 2:15-2:45pm.  Remember, we have students ALL day so please be patient. Email: chodges@washoeschools.net





    • Distance learning students will follow the same daily schedule as hybrid students.  Learning will take place 5 days a week and some lessons will be live, while others will be recorded.  Some days you may just have assignments to complete through Teams, OneNote, Edgenuity, Dreambox or other learning platforms.
    • Students need to be sure to log into Teams each day during scheduled class periods. We cannot get through all our standards and curriculum if we aren’t actively working each day.
    • If students use the “post” feature excessively or inappropriately on Teams, access will have to be muted. We don’t want that because it is an excellent feature for asking peers questions when used correctly.



    • Students do NOT need to notify teacher (through email or posts) of their attendance on Distance Learning days, as time in Teams and work completion will count for them being present.
    • Students should plan on daily lessons and assignments. 
    • If a student is "absent" for a live lesson, there likely will be an opportunity to receive missed instruction through a recorded video, but not always. Students will still be responsible for completing the work.  Please view attendance as if you were absent from school in the regular setting.
    • It’s best to “attend” school Monday through Friday, at your scheduled class time. 
    • All content assignments must be complete in order for students to be counted as present when distance learning and when hybrid students are on their “home” learning days.



    • All work is assigned through Teams. Open each Team (class) and the assignments tab at the top of the page.  Students should carefully read the instructions before beginning and turning in work.  If there is an attachment, open it and work on it.  If the attachment is through OneNote it will automatically save.  If the attachment is ANY other document, students must save it to their OneDrive. Once the assignment is complete attach the correct assignment and hit the “Turn In” button. 
    • If students turn in and need to fix an assignment prior to it being graded and returned, they can click on “Completed” on the Assignments page and that will show all their assignments that have been turned in. Open whichever assignment needs editing, click on the “Undo Turn In” button, edit the document with changes, and then hit the “Turn in” button again. 
    • NOTE: If students turn in late work, Teams does NOT notify the teacher to look for this so be sure to communicate through email if something has been turned in late.



    • These will be posted with assignments in Teams.  Generally, assignments are due by the next day but some may span several days if it is a project or otherwise appropriate.
    • Assignments "turned in" blank (with no work done) will automatically lose a full letter grade and will be returned to the student to complete properly and then resubmit. 



    • Be on time and follow the TSA’s of Sky Ranch (including dress code)
    • Have your materials ready.
    • Mute your microphone.
    • Be patient and respectful.
    • Raise your hand to speak.
    • Stay engaged in the lesson/conversation.
    • We would prefer to see your whole face. 😊



    • Again, students will need to try to resolve most of these issues independently or with help from someone at home.
    • Please visit the Sky Ranch website at https://www.washoeschools.net/skyranch and click on the 6th Grade link at the bottom of the list. There are several technology documents, including troubleshooting tips. Sometimes a simple reboot will resolve a lot of problems.  Completely logging out of apps and logging back in will also help. 
    • Please also be aware that desktop and online versions of Microsoft Apps are slightly different so you may want to try both to see if one works better for you.


    STUDY HALL (Applies to 100% Distance Learners Only)

    • Some full distant students have a Study Hall period. There will not be work assigned but will be check ins for attendance.  Please log in to your Study Hall on Teams each day for attendance purposes. Use this time to do your daily silent reading (30 minutes) or complete any work from your classes.



    • Global citizen focuses on individual student needs. Students will work on a variety of educational platforms to enhance their academic skills and work on research projects that address global goals.
    • Sixth grade students are dispersed through ALL sixth-grade teachers at Sky Ranch. There are 14 of us, so please see Teams for assignments and communication purposes.


    Angel Base Enrichment Schedule


    • Once we get settled, we will stick to a schedule for Enrichment.  All details will be explained as they become applicable to your student. We will use the following schedule for Enrichment for distant and hybrid learners.  


    • AR tests: after students complete a book, they are required to take an Accelerated Reader (AR) test at school. If they are full distant learners, they are required to email their enrichment teacher for an AR assignment.


    • Email quiz/assessment retakes:
      • students may retake assessments and quizzes within two weeks of the initial date entered on Infinite Campus
      • students MUST email their teacher through Outlook if they want to retake an assessment 
        • in the email students must put the following:
          • name of assessment
          • date of assessment
          • thoughtful reflection on what they did wrong and the correct answer
          • For example: "I got #1 wrong because……I should have……. Therefore the correct answer is…."
        • students MUST CC parents and any supporting teacherson the email


    • SEL and counseling lessons: students are required to join our Wednesday SEL/counseling lessons through a live meeting on Teams. The link will be posted on the conversation tab in their Enrichment Team. If there is NOT an SEL/counseling lesson, we will post an announcement on the conversation tab.


    • Reading response form: students are required to fill out a daily reading response form after silently reading for 20 minutes. This will be an assignment in their Enrichment Team and will count as their daily attendance for Enrichment.



    • If the district mandates students to participate in distant learning, please follow the SAME daily schedule as if they were in school.
    • Students need to get on Teams at the beginning of each of their periods for lessons, assignments, and further directions from their teachers.