Distance Learning @ Anderson

  • Classroom teachers and grade level teams support Distance Learning for all of our students. Each grade level plans instruction for all students in the grade level. Distance Learning teachers take those activities and work with the Distance Learning students to complete grade level assignments. We work hard to ensure that all students are working on new, grade appropriate learning activities that align with their peers in the classroom.

    Each grade level has a virtual classroom or MS Team and a list of activities that are accessible online. We are updating this website as we get organized to provide the best Distancing Learning experience possible. Please check back here for updated information.



    Distance Learning Expections

    Distance Learning Teachers:

    School Office Contacts:

    • General Information - Mrs. Anita Marquez-Neimeyer [email] - 775.689.2500 ex. 7
    • Administration - Mr. Michael Martindale [email] - 775.689.2500
    • Technology Troubleshooting (General & Password Re-Set) - Mr. Ed Rangel [email] - 775.689-2500
    • Technology Troubleshooting (Password Re-Set) - Mrs. Daisey Rodriguez [email] - 775.689-2500

    Platforms Used:

    • Microsoft Teams (the online classroom and video meeting space)
    • Microsoft 356 Suite of Applications (to complete assignments)
    • Class Dojo (for parent communication)
    • Padlet (for grade level activities)

    Access Online Materials: