• Fees for 2020-2021   (we accept cash or checks, not credit cards) 

    This year we have cut all class fees except the Depoali Fee and the music class fees.  The music teachers will communicate the music fees to families this year.   

    Depoali Fee: $20 (cash or check) ($10 Technology repairs and maintenance, $6 planner/ID/lanyard pack, $4 Team celebrations/positive behavior intervention supports store)

    • Student identification cards
    • Student lanyards
    • Student planner
    • Student whiteboards
    • Technology repair costs  
    • Team celebrations/Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports rewards

    • Choir- $10- fee for online music subscriptions, Breezin Through Theory and Smart Music

    • Band - $10 fee for music book plus $50 for instrument rental

    • Orchestra -$10 for music book and online music subscriptions plus $50 instrumental rental

     *Note- please contact your grade level counselor if you have any concerns about schools supplies or paying fees. We will work with all families regarding these supplies and fees.