• Sky Ranch is an Accelerated Reading (AR) school.  We will use AR minimally in the first quarter get help students to understand the program and to get them reading independently.   


    For the rest of the school year, students will be responsible for earning a set amount of points (see chart below) which will count as part of their assessment grade.  There will be details on the AR program in students' OneNote for you to also reference. 


    For quarters 2, 3, and 4, students are required to sign the below contract regarding AR so they fully understand their requirements:

    I understand that I have to read a minimum of 30 minutes each night, or 180 minutes each week.  I need to choose books that are within my RIT range, which is the same as my reading range.  I also need to choose books that are interesting to me.  The books I pick must have AR tests available.  I will be sure to look this information up in Destiny (icon on the desktop). 

    I will have bi-weekly book check-ins that are due and worth points as well as taking tests at the end of each book.

    Once I finish a book, I will take the AR test during Enrichment.  I will do this on my own and not wait for my teacher to tell me to take the test.  My teacher will know, however, because she will need to enter the password.  This means I cannot take an AR test at home. 

    I can keep track of my points earned each week by logging into Renaissance Place: https://hosted379.renlearn.com/2409498/default.aspx

     All AR points must be earned by the last day of the 2nd quarter.  This grade will be considered an assessment and apply to 85% of my grade.  This grade will not be reflected in Infinite Campus until the end of the quarter.


    We use this chart and a child's RIT score (taken from their most recent MAP test) to establish their point goal for the quarter. 

    RIT Score   

    Benefits of 20 minutes of reading each night.