• The Nevada Promise Scholarship is a unique scholarship, established by the Nevada Legislature, for Nevada high school graduates to attend community college. 

    If you are part of the graduating class of 2021 make sure to apply during the application period (August-October). 


    Student Eligibility 

    To qualify, students must either be a continuing Nevada Promise Scholarship recipient beginning with the class of 2018 or a high school graduate from the class of 2021 applying for the first time. 


    Students must: 

    • Be classified as a Nevada resident for tuition purposes by the instruction where they plan to receive the Nevada Promise Scholarship. 
      • Have earned one of the following during your high school senior academic year: 
      • High school diploma from a public or private high school located in Nevada; 
      • High school diploma from a public high school in a country of another state that borders Nevada and accepts Nevada residents; or 
      • General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or equivalent document before 20 years of age no later than June 15. 
      • A homeschool student may satisfy this eligibility requirement  by obtaining a general equivalency diploma or equivalent document (i.e. GED, HSET, or TASC) no later than June 15 


    • Not have earned prior associate or bachelors degree. 
    • Meet ALL program deadlines 
    • Enroll in a minimum of 12 semester credit hours in an associate degree program, a bachelor's degree program or certificate of achievement program for each semester of the school year immediately following the school year in which the student graduates from high school. 


    TMCC Nevada Promise Scholarship