There are three Models of Instruction for families to examine and choose for the upcoming school year:


    The Hybrid model is the default for instruction. On the Hybrid Model, students are assigned to an A Day or B Day and will attend classes in-person on their scheduled day. Students are assigned to an A or B day based on their household, so all middle and high school students in the same household will be assigned to the same day. Please know that while we understand that students may have a preference of A or B day assignment so as to be with friends, it is NOT possible to change a student’s A or B day assignment as class balance must be maintained in order to keep students to a six foot distance in the classroom.

    When students are attending in-person classes, they will run though their schedule as we have made no changes to our bell schedule.

    When students are not attending classes in-person they will be Learning at Home. Teachers will assign lessons, activities, assessments, etc. that students will access through Microsoft Teams. During the first two weeks of school, each teacher will show students how to log in to Teams both on a computer and on their phone. These lessons will be designed for students to complete independently. Because teachers will be delivering instruction to students every day, they will not be available to provide students Learning at Home with immediate contact via Zoom or Teams. Teachers will make sure that every student knows how to contact the teacher when they are Learning at Home if they have questions. If students do not have access to a computer at home, we may be able to loan students a laptop.


    Students who are part of district-defined vulnerable population may opt out of the Hybrid Learning Model and attend school every day. At McQueen, these populations include (and are limited to) students on an IEP, Children in Transition, and students in Foster Care. Gifted and Talented students are not included in this group because GT students at McQueen do not receive direct instruction by certified GT teachers only. At the high school level, this happens only at the GT Magnet High School located at Hug High School.


    Students opting out of the Hybrid Model may choose to remain enrolled at McQueen and access instruction through a Full-Time Distance Learning (FTDL) Model. All FTDL students will be taking ALL of their courses on Edgenuity, including their elective courses, choosing from the options available on Edgenuity.

    Edgenuity is an online credit accrual courseware that is designed to provide a rigorous, full curriculum for secondary students. For the pandemic considerations, the student will be able to auto-progress through the course without the need of a teacher to unlock various activities. Edgenuity courseware is rigorous, aligned to Nevada Academic Content Standards, accredited and geared towards autonomous learning for the student. Quizzes and unit tests can be taken by the student at home without proctor. Administration and proctoring of the final exam has yet to be determined. Students can utilize outside resources to support their learning in mastering concepts (Google, YouTube, Kahn Academy, The College Board and AP Classroom for AP classes, etc.). There are videos to go with lessons- students are expected to take notes during the lessons and can use those hand written notes for exams; transcripts of the lessons; a glossary available for students to use; and students can move through the course at their own pace but there are expectations for daily monitoring. The student must demonstrate progress each day to be considered in attendance. Students will be monitored by a certified teacher, but the teacher will not be certified in every subject area for which the student will be taking courses. Students are not assigned to a current McQueen teacher in any specific subject. McQueen teachers will be continuing to work with students that have chosen the hybrid model and are physically attending school.

    It is very important that students and families understand the limitations of Edgenuity. While most of our AP courses are available on Edgenuity, there are only a handful of honors courses (Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, Physics, Spanish 5-6, and French 5-6) offered. See the full list of courses offered in Edgenuity here. This may affect the type of diploma a student can receive, Global Studies Program completion, and College and Career Readiness Pathway completion.

    For AP classes, students will have access to various resources through the College Board as well as AP Classroom once the student enrolls into the class with a JOIN code. Courses available are:

    • AP English Language (12th grade)
    • AP English Literature (11th grade)
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Statistics
    • AP Biology
    • AP Environmental Science (note: we are not offering AP Environmental Science this year. The course would need to be completed via Edgenuity for both semesters)
    • AP Human Geography (for elective credit only)
    • AP US History
    • AP World History
    • AP Psychology
    • AP Spanish Language
    • AP French Language

    Information regarding NCAA requirements and Edgenuity courses can be found at

    If the student/family elects full-time distance education, they are encouraged to dedicate their attention to distance education/Edgenuity for the FULL SEMESTER, as moving from one model to another, though possible, is not seemless.