• These are copies of the e-mails sent out by Shaw Administrators to families. If you are not recieving these e-mails talk to office staff about updating your Infinite Campus e-mail and contact info.


    Happy Monday Coyotes!

       Just wanted to remind all of you that we are returning to hybrid learning tomorrow, Tuesday January 19th.  Our B Group students will be learning at Shaw while our A Group and Full Distance learners will be learning from home.  A group will then attend at Shaw on Wednesday while B group learns from home.  We are excited to see our students in person again while also continuing to work hard every day with our students learning from home!

      Please review the messages sent home on Friday about reminders for both our in person and full distance learners.  For our students coming to Shaw this week, please remember your mask and to follow the self screener each morning.  Attached is another copy of the self screener for you to review. 

      I hope you all enjoyed your 3 day weekend and we'll see you in the morning!

    Take Care

    Mike Gifford



    Good afternoon Coyotes!

        Full Distance Learning has officially ended for our hybrid and in person students!!  I wanted to remind you that we will start back with our hybrid schedule on Tuesday, January 19th with a B Day schedule.  We are very excited to get our students back in the building! That being said, coming back to in person learning might cause some anxiety or stress on some of our students and/or staff.  If your child is feeling anxious, that is ok!  It is completely normal to be feeling that way. We’ll work with all of our students to ease back into learning on our hybrid schedule.  If, at any time, your student is feeling concerned or worried about being back in the building, they can meet with their counselor and we’ll work with them to see what we can do to support them.  That being said, we are excited to see our students in person and can't wait for Tuesday!

      As our hybrid students come back to learning in the building and at home, they will follow the expectations they did before we went to full distance learning.  They will need to complete their attendance form and complete all work assigned through Microsoft Teams when they learn from home.  If they have questions, they can email their teacher or see them the next day during class or Enrichment. 

    It’s important to note that we will be continuing to follow all of our health and safety protocol when we return.  Masks are mandatory in the building at all times.  Washing of hands is encouraged throughout the day as well as the use of hand sanitizer.  I’ve attached the updated Self Screener to this email and please make sure all it is followed each morning so students do not come to school with any of the listed symptoms.  We want to keep our students learning in the building and keep them safe and healthy so please make sure we follow all protocol moving forward. 

    I also want you all to know about an exciting opportunity we are offering this semester.  Every Tuesday and Thursday from 2-4 in our school library, we will be hosting after school tutoring.  This is a great chance for your students to get some individualized support from our teachers as well as a quiet place to complete your classwork so you can relax when you get home.  Take advantage of this awesome resource!

    Also attached to this email is a flyer for an Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day event on February 25th hosted by TESLA and Envirolution.  It is a great opportunity for our female students to learn about future careers available to them.  Please contact your student’s counselor if you are interested in this event.


    Please take care and enjoy your three day weekend!

    Mike Gifford

    Shaw Middle School



    Good afternoon Coyotes!

       I want to start off by thanking all of you for your patience, understanding and hard work with your students as we have navigated this school year.  It seems every month has a new challenge for us but we overcome all of them together because of the amazing community we are in.  I’m proud of the work our students and our teachers continue to churn out every day.  Thank you again and I’m excited about what we are going to do together over the next few months.

    A couple of announcements and information that I’d like to share with you.

    First, our Safe School Professional, Caitlin Costello, has created a survey to find out what has been working during distance learning and what could we do better to support your students moving forward.  Please take a few minutes to complete this very short survey so we can make sure we are doing everything possible to support your student and help them be successful this semester.   The survey can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S9QSWTS

    Second, make sure you order a yearbook to remember this crazy year!  We had two students design the cover and we’re excited to showcase their work and all of the yearbook students work along with their fearless leader, Mr. Horntvedt.   There is a flyer attached to this email describing the yearbook and how to order.

    To order your yearbook go to ybpay.lifetouch.com and use the code 12523721.  The cost is $25 and the last day to order your yearbook will be March 26th, 2021.  Don’t miss out on a chance to have the yearbook from the most interesting year of school ever!

    Also, a reminder that we will return to hybrid learning on Tuesday January 19th with B group having in person learning and A group learning from home that day. 

    Thanks again and please take care and stay safe!

    Mike Gifford

    Shaw Middle School



    Good afternoon Coyotes!

     Can you believe this semester is over?!  Together we have navigated the craziest semester there has ever been these past 4 months.  From adjusting to hybrid learning to smoke days, from student and staff exclusions to full distance learning we have learned to be flexible, understanding, independent and also collaborative.  I’m proud of our students, I’m proud of our families and I’m proud of our teachers.  We will never forget this semester and I am confident and excited that the work we have done will lead to a very successful second semester!  Enjoy your break, have fun, sleep in, play in the snow and get ready to come back for full distance learning on January 4th

    The entire Shaw Staff made a quick video to wish all of you Happy Holidays! Check it out at https://youtu.be/5uf5mJe8Gn4

    If you do need anything from us over break, the office will be open Monday January 28th through Wednesday January 30th from 8am-12pm.  We will then resume normal office hours of 7am-3pm on Monday January 4th.  Please make sure you check Infinite Campus to ensure you follow the correct schedule when we start back up with Full Distance Learning on the 4th.

    Thank you for a memorable semester, enjoy time with your loved ones and we'll see you in 2021!




    Hello Shaw students and parents!

    I’m Ms. Costello, the new safe schools professional here at Shaw. I’m sure we can all admit, this year has been totally crazy. I realize adjusting to full distanced on top of all the regular stressors of life can feel overwhelming which is why I am here to hopefully make the transition a little easier.

    On Monday, December 7th, I will be hosting a zoom meeting which will provide tips for students on how to be productive from home. I encourage any parent who is available to join as well to get on the same page as their child/children and to help motivate them to be successful despite the tough circumstances they are facing.

    I will be hosting this meeting at 2 separate times, 2:30 pm and 6 pm on Monday, December 7th in hopes that students and parents will be able to make one or the other. This will be an interactive meeting where students and parents can ask/answer questions using the chat and we will be sure to address all that we can.

    Thank you, I hope to see you all there!


    Ms. Costello

    Caitlin Costello is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 846 020 7338
    Passcode: 21Yqf1



    Dear Shaw Families,

    Please note that this message is regarding 2nd semester when we return to hybrid and in person learning.  This does not impact that Full Distance Learning occurring this month through the end of the semester.

    We have been fortunate to have several learning models available this school year to match the needs of our students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic: Distance Learning and Hybrid/In-Person Learning. We appreciate the patience and understanding from our families during these uncertain times.

    During the last several months, we have seen success with our students and families becoming more comfortable with online platforms such as Microsoft Teams. Also, through the Hybrid/In-Person model, staff, students and families have been successful wearing masks, following physical distancing requirements, and practicing frequent hand washing.

    Our school community has also learned many things during this first semester including the impact of changing models on a student’s education. Consistency is important for student learning; consistency supports routines as well as teacher – student relationships.

    As we prepare for the start of the second semester on Monday, January 4, we want to share the following important information with you:   

    1. We will honor the request of our families to remain in their child’s current learning model, Distance or Hybrid/In person. If you would like to keep your child on their current learning model for the second semester, please click on the link below and complete the questionnaire.  
    2. If you would like to change the current learning model for your child for the second semester, please also click on the link below that will allow you to share with us your choice.

    We are asking families to complete the questionnaire (link below) by Wednesday, December 9th. This information will be sent directly to the school and will allow us to better plan for the second semester. Once our families decide on a learning model for the second semester, students will remain on that learning model for the entire second semester. While we will continue to work with our families to accomodate them and do what is best for our students, making this decision now allows us to accurately schedule our students for the 2nd semester while still maintaining proper distancing and capacity guidelines.  Families with more than one child will need to complete an individual questionnaire for each child. Please note: family choice for Distance Learning or Hybrid/In-Person Learning will not have an impact on participation in school-based athletics; NIAA requirements will dictate athletics participation.

    Please click on this link to make your choice for your preferred learning model for the second semester Shaw Learning Model Survey

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 425-7777.

    With respect,

    Mike Gifford

    Shaw Middle School



    Good afternoon Coyotes!

      With the move to full distance learning for all Shaw students starting on Wednesday, we have created expectations for success for all of our students. Please know that we are continuing the pace and rigor of our in person curriculum during this time of distance learning.  We are going to keep pushing forward and believe these expectations will help keep our students successful.  If you need anything from us to help your student be successful during distance learning, please reach out to your student’s counselor as soon as possible.

    1. Our bell schedule will remain the same in order to keep consistency.
      1. On M, T, TH, F it is:

    1st Period 7:30-8:12

    2nd Period 8:17-8:59

    3rd Period 9:04-9:46

    4th Period 9:51-10:33

    Enrichment 10:38-11:13

    Lunch 11:13-11:43

    Enrichment 11:49-12:25

    5th Period 12:31-1:13

    6th Period 1:18-2:00

    1. On Wednesday it is:

    1st Period 7:30-8:05

    2nd Period 8:10-8:45

    3rd Period 8:50-9:25

    4th Period 9:30-10:05

    Enrichment 10:10-10:46

    Lunch 10:46-11:16

    Enrichment 11:22-11:55

    5th Period 12:01-12:36

    6th Period 12:41-1:15


    1. Students will be expected to attend each class live each day during their normally scheduled class.  Teachers will be available during each period to offer live teaching, recorded lessons and independent work time. A participation grade will be given each week for student’s participation during these live classes every day.
    1. Students will be expected to continue to fill out their attendance forms each day to be marked present.
    1. Teachers will be able to set up individual or small group supports during the Enrichment period, on top of the assigned lessons during that period.
    1. 6th grade students who have been distance learning all semester should attend during their normally scheduled classes, not during 5th period as they have been.
    1. If students participate in Zoom classes, they should make sure they have their given name posted in Zoom so teachers are sure of who is in their class.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call at 425-7777.  We will work together to make these couple of weeks successful for all of us!  


    Good afternoon Shaw Families,

       Because of the increased numbers of 8th grade staff and students at Shaw being excluded from working in the building due to illness and/or being exposed to someone with Covid19, all 8th grade students will begin Full Distance Learning on Monday, November 30th.  Students should log into their Microsoft Teams account and follow all lessons as assigned by their teacher.  It is expected that students attend their Distance Learning class at the same time as their regularly scheduled classes between 7:30 and 2:00 each day.  

      All 6th and 7th grade students should attend school at Shaw on their regularly assigned day on Monday November 30th(B Day) and Tuesday December 1st(A Day) unless they have been previously excluded from attending.  

      Starting on Wednesday, December 2nd, all Shaw students will transition to Full Distance Learning with the exception of small self contained classrooms. Expectations for Distance Learning, including daily schedules will be sent home on Monday November 30th to explain what school will look like until the end of the semester on December 17th.  

     Thank you and I hope you all had a great holiday.  I look forward to seeing you on line or in person on Monday

    Mike Gifford


    Shaw Middle School



    Good afternoon Shaw Families,

        First, I want to ensure you that this is NOT a call about any student exclusions.  As COVID numbers continue to rise and many schools in the area have moved to full distance, I am proud of the work our community has done to keep our students safe and healthy.  Our students come prepared wearing their mask each day, they keep their distance from each other and they take advantage of the hand sanitizer we offer throughout the day.  On top of that, all of you have done your part and kept your students home when they are not feeling well.  All of those efforts, as well as a little luck, have kept our student exclusions to a minimum. Thank you for being such an amazing community and working together with us to keep our students safe.

      As we move into the cold and flu season and we have seen an increased amount of COVID cases in our area, I ask that we all stay vigilant and continue to practice proper health and safety protocols.  Avoid large gatherings, stay home when you’re not feeling well, wear masks when in public areas and follow all other healthy protocols.  We have been in this together from the start and we continue to be in this together.  My goal is that we continue to have open doors every day for our students because while we are very confident in our abilities to have successful distance learning for all students, we want students to have the option to come to the physical building as much as possible. 

      One change for us moving forward is our before school procedures.  When temperatures drop and we bring students inside in the morning, we need to ensure we are still following all health guidelines.  In order to do so, the following is our morning expectations starting today:

    1. 6th graders will continue to go into the gym in the mornings where they will sit on the X's on the floor.
    2. 7th and 8th graders will enter the cafeteria and sit at the purple dots on the cafeteria tables. No more than 3 students to a table. No students will be able to stand in the cafeteria initially.
    3. Once all spots at the tables are taken, the next 50 students will be directed to the activity room where they will sit on the X's on the floor. 
    4. Once those 50 spots are taken, students will be allowed to stand in open areas in the cafeteria spaced 6 feet apart as directed by Mr. Vanderpool.


    Thank you again for being such an amazing community and doing what it takes to keep us all healthy and allow us to keep our doors open each day.  I have attached the WCSD Self Screener again for you to review if your students are showing any symptoms. Have a great weekend!

    Mike Gifford

    Shaw Middle School




    Good afternoon Shaw Families!

         Hard to believe October is already past and its on to November!  Some odd schedules in November with holidays and Election Day so please review the  A and B schedules to know which days your student will attend school at Shaw and which days they will learn from home. 

    The A Day calendar can be found at 

    and the B Day Calendar can be found at  

    Also please review this information about the WCSD Signature Academies that can be found at 

    There is also information about their passport nights attached to this message.  Please check those out as you think about your child's future education.

    A reminder of the schedule this month:

    10/30 Nevada Day(observed) No School!

    11/2 A Day

    11/3 Election Day: No School for students.  Teachers have a Professional Development Day.  Make sure you vote!

    11/4 B Day

    11/11 Veterans Day: No School

    Week of 11/16 is a full week of school! Yay!

    11/25-11/27 Thanksgiving Break

    11/30 7th Grade SOS Screening


    Thank you for all of your support this year.  Please enjoy Nevada Day!

    Mike Gifford


    Shaw Middle School

    File attachments:
    Passport Nights and CTE_Signatue Information Flyer For Parents (Spanish).pdf
    Passport Nights and CTE_Signatue Information Flyer For Parents.pdf





    Good afternoon Coyotes!

      I wanted to remind you that the 2nd quarter is beginning on Monday, October 19th.  There have been many schedule changes for the second quarter, so please make sure to check your Infinite Campus this weekend to prepare yourself for Monday.   

      Also a reminder that Wednesday, October 21st is NOT an early release.  School will be released at 2pm that day.

    And finally, some great news!  Every student at Shaw is now able to receive lunch from our kitchen for free every day!  Any student can pick up a lunch each day for absolutely no charge.  Also, if you are a hybrid learning student, you can pick up a lunch and a breakfast for your day that you are learning at home.  To do this, let the Nutrition workers in the kitchen know during lunch on the day you attend school at Shaw that you'd like a lunch and breakfast for your at home learning day.  Then, at 2pm that day, stop by the kitchen to pick up your food.  Free Food!  


    Thank you for your teamwork this year and I hope you have a great weekend!

    Mike Gifford


    Shaw Middle School 



    A reminder of our October Events at Shaw:

    Good afternoon Coyotes and Happy Friday!

      Hard to believe it is October already!  Quite a few important dates this month and want to make sure you're all aware of them.

    October 12th: Back to School: This is an A Day

    October 13th: Picture Day for B Students

                                   Distance Learning Students can come to get their picture taken from 10:30-12:30

    October 16th: Last Day of the 1st Quarter.  Make sure all work is turned in and all test retakes are completed before this date

                          A Day Spirit and Activity Day.  Let's see that Team spirit and have some fun!

    October 19th: First day of the 2nd quarter.  Many schedule changes will occur on this day, so please check IC for those changes before the 19th.

    October 19th-23rd: Conference week at Elementary Schools.  

    October 21st: No Early Release.  School will be released at 2PM

    October 22nd: First PTO meeting of the year in the school library.  Please wear a mask if you will be attending

    October 28/29 Team Hall Parade: More information coming

    October 30th: Nevada Day(Observed) No school on this date

    The Shaw Wear store is back open!  Please visit https://shaw2020-21.itemorder.com/sale and make your orders before 10/31.  Proceeds are returned to Shaw!  Some great clothes for sale this year, check it out!

    If you haven't had a chance to look at our Virtual Back to School Night, please go to https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/16073 and see all of our teachers sharing a little bit about themselves and what we're learning this year at Shaw.




    Good afternoon Coyotes and Happy Friday!

      Hard to believe it is October already!  Quite a few important dates this month and want to make sure you're all aware of them.

    October 5-9 Fall Break: No School.  Please take this time to relax and rejuvenate!

    October 12th: Back to School: This is an A Day

    October 13th: Picture Day for B Students

                                   Distance Learning Students can come to get their picture taken from 10:30-12:30

    October 16th: Last Day of the 1st Quarter.  Make sure all work is turned in and all test retakes are completed before this date

                          A Day Spirit and Activity Day.  Let's see that Team spirit and have some fun!

    October 19th: First day of the 2nd quarter.  Many schedule changes will occur on this day, so please check IC for those changes before the 19th.

    October 19th-23rd: Conference week at Elementary Schools.  

    October 21st: No Early Release.  School will be released at 2PM

    October 22nd: First PTO meeting of the year in the school library.  Please wear a mask if you will be attending

    October 28/29 Team Hall Parade: More information coming

    October 30th: Nevada Day(Observed) No school on this date

    The Shaw Wear store is back open!  Please visit https://shaw2020-21.itemorder.com/sale and make your orders before 10/31.  Proceeds are returned to Shaw!  Some great clothes for sale this year, check it out!

    If you haven't had a chance to look at our Virtual Back to School Night, please go to https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/16073 and see all of our teachers sharing a little bit about themselves and what we're learning this year at Shaw.



    Good Evening Coyotes!

       We all deserve a fun week and this week is it!  It is our first Spirt Week of the year.  We can't wait to see how everyone dresses up to show their spirit, creativity and fun this week!  It doesn't matter if you are learning at Shaw or at Home, feel free to celebrate together!

    Monday 9/28: Mathletes vs Athletes or wear blue. Show off your sports jerseys or your nerdy outfits


    Tuesday 9/29: Teacher and Student switch or wear red. Dress like your favorite teachers!


    Wednesday 9/30: Backwards day or wear orange/ Wear your clothes backwards


    Thursday and Friday 10/1 and 10/2 Team Spirit day! Wear your Shaw team colors. Any student who dresses up for this day will receive a raffle ticket to be put in for a drawing to win a bike!


    We can't wait to celebrate all of your hard work this week!






    A message from SHAW MIDDLE SCHOOL

    Good afternoon Shaw Families,

      I first want to thank you for your support, patience and understanding through the first month of school.  As we continue to navigate this unique school year that has now included many more full distance learning days than we expected, there have been some changes to our daily policies and procedures to help streamline the system for both our students and our teachers.  We understand how overwhelming this new type of schooling has been for our students, families and teachers.  As we have moved through the first month of school, there are areas that needed to be tightened up or adjusted to make it simpler for students and teachers.   I've been impressed by the resilience of our students, staff and familes as we have worked to make Hybrid and Distance Learning be as successful as possible. I understand that making any changes, regardless if we feel they are positive or not, can cause more anxiety.  We will work with you to lessen that as much as possible.  The changes we are making are below:

    Attendance:  When you are learning from home, please make sure that you are completing the daily check for understanding form in Microsoft Teams for every period every day, including Enrichment.  This is the only way to verify that your student participated in each class.  I would recommend they do this before they work on their classes to ensure it is completed.  This was already communicated to our families on August 26th, but there is one big change.  The check for understanding form must be completed by 1pm each day.  The reason for this change is that we have noticed there is sometimes a long delay in Microsoft Teams from when students complete the form to when teachers begin checking it at 2pm and it does not always show up accurately at 2pm.   If a student does not complete the form each day for each period, they may be marked absent even if they complete work that day.

    Attendance 2: We will no longer be changing any student’s attendance after 5 calendar days.  In years past, the limit was only 3 days and we extended it 2 days because of the confusion of this school year.  Please check your attendance for the previous day every day on Infinite Campus.  If you notice an issue, email your teacher immediately to get it fixed.  Again, we will no longer adjust student’s attendance five days after the absence. 

    Grading and Late Work:

    A. If a student has a classwork lesson that is assigned for daily participation, not for accuracy, that work is due no later than midnight of the day it is due.  Examples of this would be daily assigned math problems or a reading log. Late work for these assignments will not be allowed. These assignments are only graded for participation, not for accuracy.  All of these assignments will be listed as Classwork within Microsoft Teams so you are aware they must be completed that day.  This is no different than daily classwork being completed in the physical classroom except it is done at home.

    B. If a student is taking a quiz or a test when they are learning at home, it is also due no later than midnight of the day it is assigned.  Quizzes and Tests may not be turned in late.

    C. For any lessons that are assigned to be measured for accuracy(ex. Projects and larger assignments) that work is also due by midnight of the day it is due or in class the day it is due for our hybrid students.  But late work will be allowed for these assignments. Please note that students will lose one letter grade for each day it is late. Late work will no longer be accepted five days after the due date or until the retake window closes, whichever comes first. Please make sure you email the teacher to let them know you turned an assignment in late so they will know to check for it on Microsoft Teams.

    Exceptions can be made to this policy for students on Individualized Educational Plans or Section 504 Accommodations.

    Technical Supports:  We know there is a lot of new learning occurring with how to access and use Microsoft Teams efficiently and effectively.  If you are having an issue with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or other computer or technical issues, we now have one main contact at Shaw to support you.  Sam White can be contacted at (775) 476-6465 through call or text for any technical or computer issues you are having. 

    If you have any questions or clarifications on these new policies, please feel free to call Mr. Gifford at 425-7777.

    Thank you

    Mike Gifford





    Good morning,

      We are working with Lifetouch to reschedule today's picture day and will communicate that to you as soon as possible.

    Tomorrow, Wednesday September 9th, we will still have pictures as regularly scheduled.   A group students will take pictures during the day and full distance learning students will have the opportunity to take their pictures between 10am and 12pm.

    Again, we are working to reschedule our B day student's pictures and will let you know as soon as possible when we are able to confirm that date.


    Thank you

    Shaw Middle School



    Good evening,

      There seems to be some confusion on the A/B calendar and how holidays are handled within the schedule.  Holidays are skipped so that students do not attend in person two days in a row.  I've attached calendars for A students as well as one for B students that should help with planning for the future.

    To clarify for this week:

    Tuesday: B group learners attend school at Shaw.  A group will learn from home. 

    Wednesday: A group learners attend school at Shaw.  B group will learn from home. 

    Thursday: B group learners attend school at Shaw.  A group will learn from home. 

    Friday: A group learners attend school at Shaw.  B group will learn from home. 


    I apologize for the confusion and hope this helps


    Mike Gifford

    A/B Schedule Calendar

    A Day Calendar

    B Day Calendar




    Good morning,

       As you all know, there has been last minute decision made to make today a Full Distance Learning Day because of concerns with the air quality.

    First, I want to apologize for the late notice that went out.  I know that this has put many of you in a difficult bind today and you are having to make many last minute decisions for your family.  Because today is a school day, all students will be expected to access all of their classes through Microsoft Teams.  If your children are not completely ready by 7:30, that is ok just please have them complete their attendance forms for all classes and access lessons when they are able to.

    The good news is that our staff is ready for a full distance learning day.  Lessons are prepared on Microsoft Teams and ready for your children to access.  Many of our teachers are also scrambling right now to find child care and make decisions for their family.  We are working to attempt to be available to communicate through Teams by 7:30am but it might not be possible for all teachers at that time.  They will be available throughout the day to support your students.

    Lets all take a deep breath and take today as a trial run for Full Distance Learning.  We will learn from this and work out any issues we have when all of our students are learning at home.

    Again, I cannot apologize enough for the late notice of this decision.  Please take care of you and your family first today and know that we are here for you to support you in any way that we can.

    Thank you for all of your support and patience.

    Mike Gifford

    Shaw Middle School



    Good morning Shaw families,

        As you know, every day brings new challenges and solutions as we work through our hybrid and distance learning models.  We feel this week is better than last week and we are confident that next week will be better than this week.  There have definitely been some growing pains and issues with consistencies from class to class that we are working out.  

     One area of concern is accurcy with attendance for our hybrid students learning at home as well as our full distance learning students.  In order to make the expectations clear for our students and teachers we have developed a new system.  Every day, students who are learning at home will need to complete a check for understanding form for each class period they have, including Enrichment, before 2pm.  If they do not complete it by 2pm, they will be marked absent.  It is a quick form that includes their name, class period, date and a quick question for them to answer.  I have attached the instructions for finding the form in each Team as well as how to complete it.  This will go into effect on Thursday, August 27th.

      We believe that this system will make attendance more accurate while also allowing teachers to get a quick assessment of student understanding each day.  To be clear, students can work and complete their lessons for each class at different times, it is only the "check for understanding" form that needs to be completed for each class before 2pm.

     If you have any questions about this process, please email Mr. Gifford at mgifford@washoeschools.net

    Thank you and have a great day!

    Mike Gifford


    Shaw Middle School

    File attachments:
    Distance Learning Student's Attendance Instructions.pdf


    A message from SHAW MIDDLE SCHOOL

    Good evening Coyotes,

      It what has become all too common this week, school has been cancelled for Friday August 21st.  We are hopeful that we will resume with a B Group schedule on Monday August 24th, meaning B students will learn at Shaw and A students will learn from home.

    Our teachers will be hard at work on Friday ensuring that we are ready and prepared to go full distance if need be.  I am confident that we could effectively teach all of our students through our full distance learning plan tomorrow if we had to but we will use this time to further develop our plans and fill holes that we discovered this week.  The Shaw teachers are ready to show you how great they can be at educating your children, regardless if it as at home or at Shaw. 

    I continue to appreciate your patience and understanding as we figure this out together.  I thank all of you for your kind words that you have shared with me and our teachers.  This community continues to amaze me every day in the way we rally together.  I'm looking forward to working together to make this school year a success.

    If you have any questions, please do not hestiate to contact me.

    Mike Gifford

    Shaw Middle School


    Message from Mr. Gifford: 

    Good evening Shaw Families,

    Pretty interesting start to the school year! As you heard from Dr. McNeill, there is no school on Thursday August 20th. It is being handled as basically a snow day so there are no expectations for our students. We will (hopefully) resume school on Friday August 21st as an A group day, meaning A students will learn at Shaw and B students will learn at home. Please take this day to continue to familiarize yourself with Microsoft Teams and complete any assigned work from your teachers.

    The last two days were invigorating and exciting as we got to be back together working with our students both in person and virtually. I'm confident that we were able to begin building the foundation for a successful school year and will resume that work when we return. I appreciate your flexibility and patience as we navigate through this challenging start to the school year.

    If you have any questions or if I can help you with anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Take care and stay safe

    Mike Gifford




    Things to remember next week to keep us all safe and healthy!

    1. Wear your mask(and pack a backup mask)

    2. Wash your hands with soap and water on a regular basis throughout the day 

    3.  Walk on right side of the blue line when in the hallways

    4. When you get to the hallways intersections, follow the blue arrows around the roundabout to keep hallway traffic moving.

    5. Sanitize your hands when you use the water fountain.

    6. Only use the water fountain to fill water bottles, they are not to drink out of anymore 

    7.  When you enter each classroom, sanitize your hands

    8. If you do feel sick, go to the clinic and ring the doorbell. 

    9 But if you need a bandaid, or to treat an injury or receive medication, go to the office.



    Good afternoon Shaw Families,

       I want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to get ready for this unique school year. As we approach the start of the 20-21 school year, we know there are many questions and concerns. We will continue to send out information throughout the school year to keep you updated on what we are doing academically as well as what we are doing to keep all of our students and staff healthy. We hope that these documents will help to answer some of your questions and make certain that we consider as many scenarios as possible to ensure the safest approach to our new and returning Coyotes.  Please reach out with any additional questions, comments, or suggestions, by emailing Mr. Gifford at mgifford@washoeschools.net

       Attached to this message is information to help you understand what your student’s day will look like whether they are at school or learning at home.  There is also health screener, a flowchart of what to expect if exposed to COVID-19 and practices and tools to keep us all safe and healthy this school year.

    A summary of the information included in these documents:

    • It is recommend all students log into Microsoft Teams before school starts to troubleshoot any issues before the first day of school. Information for logging onto Teams can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNQh34l0B-o

    • Only A students will attend Monday August 17th while B students and full distance learning students will learn from home.  On Tuesday only B students will attend at Shaw while A students and Full Distance Learning Students will be learning from home.  This will alternate every day meaning that students will attend school at Shaw three days one week and two days the next week.  All students are still attending school daily, whether it be at home or at Shaw.

    • All students and staff need to follow the self screener that is included in the document.  If anyone is showing symptoms, they are to stay home and participate through distance learning.

    • Masks are required at all times at school and on the school bus.  If students refuse to wear a mask or are inappropriate with their mask, they may be asked to move to full distance learning

    • If students show up on the wrong day, they will be sent home to ensure we are able to follow all social distancing guidelines and remain at 50% capacity in each space.

    • If students are showing symptoms at home or at school, they will be excluded from attending Shaw until they are cleared.  They are able to attend school through our full distance learning opportunities until cleared.  The same is true for any student that has been known to be exposed to someone with symptoms.

    • Students learning from home are recommended to follow the normal school schedule of 7:30am-2:00pm each day.  Knowing this will not be logistically possible for all students, opportunities will exist outside of that timeframe for students.

    • Students are separated while entering the building by their grade level to limit the amount of students in any area.  This split is explained in the document.

    • Students are to walk on the right side of each hallway and follow the roundabout in each hallway intersection to limit congregation of students in any area.

    • We will have staggered release during passing time of each class period to limit the amount of students in the hallway at any time.

    • Every classroom has hand sanitizer that students will use each time they enter classrooms.

    • During lunch, no more than 50 students can be in any given area which includes no more than 3 at our cafeteria tables.  Students will be able to choose to eat outside, in our courtyard or in the cafeteria.  In the event of poor weather, we will open our gym, activity room and/or our library for lunch.

    • Students will be expected to complete classroom expectations and communicate with all of their teachers every day, regardless if they are home or at school.  If they do not, they may be marked absent and possibly not receive credit for the day’s work.  This communication will take place through Microsoft Teams.  Your teachers will also be communicating with you on a regular basis of expectations for at home learning.

    • All core teachers(ELA, SS, Math, Science) have been given a distance learning period to allow them to work with the students who are at home and give them feedback.

    • We are continuing to offer a rigorous curriculum with high expectations for all students to prepare them for their future.  Our teachers have worked tirelessly and continue to do so to ensure your student receives the high quality education they deserve. 

    • Our number one priority is the safety and well being of all of our students and staff. 

    Other information for starting the year:

    To find out your student's bus route and/or register for the use of bus transportation please go to https://www.washoeschools.net/Domain/73

       We know that many of you have expressed interest in changing from an A schedule to a B Schedule or vice versa to accomodate the unique needs of your family.  We apologize that it is not possible at this time as we have to have a balance in the amount of students in each classroom each day to maintain our 50% capacity as well as 6 foot social distancing guidelines.  Moving even one student can throw the balance off and put us out of complaince with the Governor's directives as well as the School District's directives.  

       I know that stress and anxiety levels are high right now but please know that we are doing everything in our power to keep your students safe and healthy while still providing them the robust education you have come to expect at Yvonne Shaw Middle School.  I appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we work to navigate through this together.  Last spring showed me what an amazing community we have and how well we rally around each other to support and care for each other.  I’m excited to start this year with you and as always, please do not hesitate to contact me or your teachers with any questions or concerns. 

    Mr. Gifford

    Go Coyotes!

    File attachments:
    WCSD Screener and Safety Information.pdf
    Shaw Student Daily Expectations for Hybrid and Distance Learning.pdf

    For more information about the 2020-2021 school year Click Here! Also, check the Summer Newsletter for important info

    If you need support from our wonderful counselors Click Here for contact info.




    Good afternoon Shaw Families!

       There is a lot of information in this message today so please make sure you read it all as well as all attachments.  As you know school will be starting August 17th.  We will be following the hybrid model with most students on an A/B schedule where they attend school at Shaw one day and attend school virtually the next day.  We also have offered the option of full distance learning, which many of you have taken up, that allows students to attend virtually every day.  Our teachers and staff have been working incredibly hard to ensure that this year is a rigorous, challenging, exciting and fun school year, regardless of the model of instruction you chose. 

      Because almost all students will be attending school virtually at least every other day, the use of technology will be paramount for your student’s ability to be successful this year.  Our teachers will be recording their lessons and interacting with students over Microsoft teams when they are learning at home.  I know that there are families in our community that do not have devices at home that would allow them to take advantage of this type of instruction.  Because of that, we will be loaning our school’s laptops to families that need them this year.  We will do our best to give a device to each family that needs one.  If we have more available, it may become possible to lend more to families with more than one Middle School Student.  I want you to understand that we do not have enough laptops at Shaw to give one to every student so please only request one if your student needs one.  In order to borrow one of our laptops, you will need to pay a $25 insurance fee to cover damaged or stolen equipment and sign an agreement understanding the responsibility of using one of our laptops.  The district is also working on providing WiFi access to all families who do not have access in their home.  If you would like to request a laptop from Shaw Middle School, please fill out this survey by Wednesday August 5th. Shaw Family Laptop Survey We will then contact the families who have requested one to develop a plan to deliver it to you.

     Also attached to this message is a newsletter with important dates and information for you to prepare for with our upcoming school year.  It includes information of a school tour for our incoming 6th graders since they have not been in our building yet.  More information and an opportunity to sign up for your tour will be coming next week.

       Our Master Notebook and School Supplies list is also attached to this message.  Please check it out and refer to it as you are shopping for your back to school supplies

       There is also a fees sheet attached to this message.  We have attempted to limit our fees as much as possible this year because of the financial impact COVID-19 has had on our families.  If you are having concerns about making the payment, we will work with you to develop a payment plan or other alternative options. No student will ever be turned away from an activity or a class because of a financial difficulty.

       Our PTO is an amazing organization that would love to have you join!  The membership form is included in this message.  Please fill it out and return it to the school if you’d like to be up to date on all things happening at Shaw and help support our students and staff!  PTO has also opened an online store to sell our ShawWear clothing items.  Check it out at https://shaw2020-21.itemorder.com/sale 

      We’re getting close to getting back and we could not be more excited about it!  More information will be coming soon about the logistics of distance learning, understanding of the hybrid model, 6th grade tours and the lending of our laptops.  Please stay tuned for that and enjoy the remaining days of summer!

     Go Coyotes!

    File attachments:
    Summer Newsletter 2020.pub
    SHAW FEE FORM 2020.21.docx
    Master Notebook Supplies List and PTO Form.docx



    A message from SHAW MIDDLE SCHOOL

    Good afternoon Coyotes! 

    As you likely already know, the WCSD Board of Trustees made the decision last night to continue with our plan for hybrid learning.  We are so excited to start the year, and once again be in contact with our students and families.  To assist us with finalizing our plans for the reopening of Shaw we are trying to have accurate data. I know some of you have already opted for a full distance learning option.  For those of you who did not respond to the survey we will be setting you up for the hybrid learning model (attending school every other day).  If you would like to select the distance learning option and have not already informed us via the survey or other means, please e-mail Mr. Gifford at mgifford@washoeschools.net by Friday, July 31.

    I know many of you have questions about the curriculum that will be provided with either the hybrid or distance learning model.  Teachers will be working to vet resources and build curriculum throughout the week of August 10.  We have an incredible staff and we are hard at work planning for the coming year.  I know you have uncertainty, but please know we are committed to bringing creativity and passion to the start of an unconventional school year.  

    There are some legitimate concerns around PPE and social distancing.  I want to let all of you know that we have been planning and preparing for this for weeks.  Students and staff will be required to wear masks and we will have some available for anyone who may need one.  Disinfectant and hand sanitizer will be in every room.  We have sanitizing stations in common areas and entry areas.  We also have a plan for social distancing that involves minimizing the flow of traffic and potential contact.  This includes plans around passing and lunch time.

    We will be sending home student supply lists, options to tour the school, student fee lists, PTO memberships, expectations for the year and more by Friday July 31st.  You will also be receiving information soon on what days you will be attending school in the hybrid model soon as well.  Once we know that information, student schedules will be released as well so we can all begin preparing for the first day of school on August 17th.




    Hello Shaw Families,

      Please see the attached video for some updates on things we're doing to prepare for school to start in less than a month!  Hope you're all enjoying your summer!  Please do not hesitate to email me at mgifford@washoeschools.net with any questions. 





    Hybrid Model:

    All students in the same household will attend school on the same days and will stay home on the same days.  If you have a situation where you would prefer siblings attend on different days, you will be able to request that.

    When at Shaw:

    1.  All students will attend classes as they normally would, having Social Studies, ELA, Math, Science, Enrichment as well as electives.  Students will all be six feet apart from each other in all classes with no more than 20 in our core classes and no more than 25 in larger elective classrooms(PE, Music, Art, STEM, etc) There are pictures attached of what that spacing looks like.  We have ample space in our classrooms to accommodate those guidelines while still offering a rigorous classroom experience.
    2. Release times for passing to the next class will be staggered to limit the amount of students in the hallway at any given time.
    3. No Book lockers will be used.  Student backpacks will be used for their materials, much like most students do at our high schools.
    4. Shared classroom materials and spaces will be sanitized before they are used by the next student.
    5. Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the entire day
    6. Lunch will be spread out to limit the amount of students in the cafeteria at any given time.  We also may have students sit in our courtyard, gym, activity room or outside for lunch.
    7. We will have PE for those students that are enrolled in that elective.  PE uniforms will not be used or purchased at this time and students will not be using the locker room to change clothes at this time. Our PE teachers are working hard to create lessons that are fun, active and will help build the foundation for a lifelong committment to fitness while still ensuring our students stay safe and healthy.  
    8. We will still have Band, Choir and Orchestra for those students that are enrolled in that elective.  Our Music teachers have been working together to ensure that they create a full music experience for all students that still keep them safe and healthy.
    9. Masks will be worn all day by staff and students.  If students are outside and can stay more than six feet away from each other, they will be able to take their mask off at that time.
    10. Regular hand washing will be encouraged and practiced
    11. Hand Sanitizer will be readily available

    When at home:

    1. Students will attend classes through Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom.  All teachers will be filming their lessons(with no students being recorded)  with webcams in their classroom. We are hoping to be able to live stream these classes but they will also be recorded if we are unable to.  This will allow our students and teachers to stay on the same pace as they normally would and complete a full and rigorous curriculum.
    2. Students will check in with their teachers every day and complete assignments each day they are at home while following along with the recorded taught lesson by their teacher. 
    3. These days at home will count for their grade and their attendance.
    4. What they daily lessons at home will look like will be communicated by teachers when school starts
    5. Understanding that there are technological issues that will occur with that model, all students will also have extension activities and lessons to complete while at home to keep them on pace within their classes. 
    6. Students will be able to complete their lessons and turn them in using Microsoft Teams or they may be able to turn them in when they come to school the next day.


    Full Distance Learning Model:

    1. The main model for full distance learning that Shaw MS is creating is one where they attend classes virtually through Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom.  They follow along with the teacher’s recorded lessons and complete online assignments. 
    2. Each student will be taught be real Shaw Teachers and follow the same curriculum as their peers completing the Hybrid Model.
    3. We feel this will allow for a well rounded educational experience as well as allow for a seamless transition back to brick and mortar school when you feel it is safe to do so.
    4. Depending on how many students choose this model, there may be dedicated teachers that only teach distance learning that will be available to give feedback and support to students.
    5. If there are not enough students who choose this model, teachers will teach both distance learning and in school learning but will still be available to give feedback and support to students.
    6. We will work with those families without sufficient technology and/or internet capabilities to allow for them to access this model
    7. Students will need to complete daily lessons and check in with their teacher daily.  This will impact their grades and attendance.
    8. Core Academic classes and Electives will all be available with this model
    9. Students will also have the option to choose to work on Edgenuity from home on their computer, completing all classes that way.  If you have self motivated and structured students, this might be a good option for you.  Please check out the Edgenuity program at https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/12957 to better understand this option. Students will still be checking in with Shaw staff with this program on a daily basis.


    Thank you and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email Mr. Gifford at mgifford@washoeschools.net


    Have a great weekend!

    Mike Gifford

    Shaw Middle School